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DAY 55 - Do you share your anime interests with anyone?

Of course I do!!!


Well, I used to talk to my sisters when I first got into anime because they were both also watching anime as well. But they both eventually stopped watching anime and aren't that into it anymore which saddens me so there isn't anyone at home to watch with.
I did make 4 friends who all watch anime as well. 2 of them aren't hardcore anime watchers and have only watched a few. I did recommend to my one friend to watched Mirai Nikki because I thought she might like it. She's a little messed up but in a good way XD. She loves the scary and psychotic stuff. I've never seen Mirai Nikki but I have heard that it's a good anime but messed up. My friends personality is opposite of mine. She likes gore and scary stuff while I like cute, romantic comedy anime. She's like the devil and I'm innocent like an angel. We call each other, our other half. The other two friends have watched as much anime as me and the one even let me borrow a manga, the first manga I ever read. Book version which was Vampire Knight, I enjoyed it until I found out something I didn't like from the series as I have stated in one of my cards. She is also the friend who recommended "Full Moon Wo Sagashite" to me and I thank her for that. Lastly, my friend who is as big a anime fan as me who recommends anime and talks about it with me whenever we bumped into each other in class or in the halls at school. At the end of the school year this year she recommend "Erased" and I loved it. We always try to recommend anime to one another. Talk about anime's we recently seen and ones we want to watch. It's great.
So, in conclusion I basically share my anime interests with only these 4 friends and try to get my sisters back into it but that's hard to do.

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments who YOU share your anime interests with!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
my friends who also like anime
I share my anime talk with my friends, some family, and new coworkers (who somehow always seem to be younger than me, but oh well, Hahaha. Also, if someone else has an interest in anime, I usually spark up a conversation with them lol
some friends who usually don't really care and my younger bro
I do, and with friends and some family
Non of my friends like anime and I'm the only child
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