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For all of those who have watched the movie Snowpiercer, I always feel like it's good to discuss Sci-Fi movies afterwards (and especially Bong's movies in general). Everyone feel free to leave comments on the movie! Also check slide 2 for a prequel video to the movie. Some questions to start the discussion: - What is the symbolism of the train? - The name of the engine is the "perpetual motion engine" which is impossible in science today. What is the significance in the name? - Parallel between Curtis and Dante in the "Divine Comedy". - Is this a hero's story or a tragedy? If Curtis lit the bomb in the beginning, could he have saved everyone? - The significance of the scene where Curtis and the Russian guy are shooting at each other through the windows of the train. - The significance of the boy at the end entering the chamber of the engine. - The significance of the hooded man slicing the fish before the fight through the dark tunnel. - Was the death of Edgar a relief to Curtis? Did it relieve his burden? - Is Gilliam a hero for what he did?
I saw a couple of interesting things you might want to check out. One is on you tube he is Nerdwriter1 and he breaks it down pretty good and also a blogger The Korean Foreigner has some philosophy on it. I really feel that Wilford also knew that the Earth was heating up maybe more people also. If your constantly looking out the window for years your going to notice things just as Nam did. He didnt tell Curtis what he saw out the window but others would see it also. I view this storey as tragic. But Curtis did redeem himself and kept his promise to Tanya on getting little timmy back. Little Andy was just doing what he had trained to do. I think Andy and Timmy would kinda switch jobs because they would get tired and need rest. I dont know what it would take to make a child act the way Andy did. You can tell a child you are going to kill their family and they will do as they are told buy he was obviously more shattered than Tim. I also feel that no one wanted to destroy the train. Nam and Yona just wanted off and Curtis removed Timmy which of course would cause the engine to fail. I think Curtis should of played Wilford and took over. He could of discussed it with Nam and they could of come up with a plan. I read an interview with Joon-Ho Bong and he stated that there were other survivors but he didnt have time or means to film it. I think he could of just shown a couple of others peaking there heads out unless he plans on a sequel which I would really like. I read one comment that said the fish was a carp fish and that it was a bottom feeder and thought that might be what they were trying to convey to the tailenders. I think Gilliam like Wilford had a psychotic break and really wanted to be needed or be seen a divinity also. He gave little clues in the beginning by telling Curtis that know one is really what they seem. And to cut out Wilfords tongue. I dont understand why Wilford would send the egg man to kill everyone. wouldnt that slow down the production kids? He did let 18 survive if they lived thru the avalanche. Maybe Wilford knew it was over and just let whatever happen.
woah, i didn't know there were prequel videos, thanks!
@minjaeturtles I get the feeling that wasn't simple foreshadowing because what possible reason would the marshall have for doing it? Personally I thought that while lots of the actions on the train were wrong, balance would be really important in a post-apocalyptic setting. Oddly though it seemed like the rear passengers could have lived a much better lifestyle with minimal sacrifice from the front.
@aero2042 if I remember correctly, that was just him being "merciful" because it was the 18th anniversary of the train. 18 is not large enough to upset the balance, so it's an anomalous move I suppose
@JohnLee : I agree with you. I see two sides to it as well. Throughout the beginning, he seemed to be distant towards Edgar because of the guilt I assume he had for killing his mother and wanting to eat him. Edgar was always by his side and treating Curtis like an older brother which in my opinion, gave Curtis even more pressure. So I can see how his death can also be somewhat a relief for Curtis although that guilt will still be there. Also, I could really tell that Edgar loved Curtis (as a brother), but I'm not sure if Curtis felt the same way. There's a difference between caring because of guilt and caring because of love. These are just my thoughts though. Curtis didn't seem to really 'feel' for others until the moment he sacrificed his arm to save the child.
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