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❧ This Week has been all about our Favorite Ships with the members. I normally never just have 1 of anything, but I am rebelling this one time. .

❧ I will do my favorite one (Plus a Bonus) Just because I ran out of room, otherwise it'd be two

❧ MinKwang ❧

They are the most precious preciouses that ever precioused. . .


❧ They're bff #cordinationgoals

❧ You see that. . DO YOU SEE IT? HOW CUTE THEY ARE?!



❧ They team up on other members XD

❧ NOW now boys. . . Not infront of the children. Changsubie hides your eyes!

❧ They never go to sleep angry, and make up after fights ♡

❧ Look at smiles they give eachother



❧ They are the sweetest

❧ BONUS: Extremely, blunt and Honest BTOB ❧

*Insert Face Palm here*

Ladies and Gents, this is the group we stan ♡

☆ Melody Mod Squad ☆

☆ Melodies ☆

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Eomma MinHyuk and Appa EunKwang are the cutest.
a year ago·Reply
They're so cute 😛
a year ago·Reply
@Starbell808 I'm a Year older than Eunkwang ♡ @JaxomB Yeassss they are! @MelissaGarza I LOVE them so much XD
a year ago·Reply
@AimeeH im an 84 so yeah
a year ago·Reply
Mom and Dad are my second favorite BTOB ship. I adore them. And yes, yes, this is the group we stan- and proudly so!
a year ago·Reply