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lets talk....... its one of my most favorite animes, I've seen it about six times and I really love the balance of gruesome bloody violence and calm touching moments, and the ending song fits it perfectly, and honestly the song I downloaded and is a song I listen to every time I feel happy, the action is really intense and the characters awesome and have a depth tat shows a how they are who they are. this is one of those shows that has stuck with me since I first watched it, about 6 years ago and is still one of my favorites to this day and it has its flaws like the weird pace of the episodes, the stupid cencorship of certain episodes and a lack of clarity on the end game of the plot, it only makes u wanna go straight to the source material and cause of that I like it more so let's talk deadmen
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after the gruesome battle with the leader of the resistance
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@lordeath666jp true but I'm talking about how the manga ended
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sweet I really should finish reading it
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yes it ends so perfectly
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Really wish they would have finished the anime the manga finished so well.
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