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Face mists have always been something that I was not sure of, I really didn't believe on how much effect they would have on the skin, since I thought they were only water. These are some of the facial mists that beauty guru Chriselle Lim swears by! 1. Urban Decay All Nighter 2. MAC FIX+ 3. NYC Matt Finish Makeup Setting Spracy 4. Evian Mineral Water Spracy 5. Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration 6. Givenchy Mist Me 7. Ole Hendriksen African Red Tea Mist 8. Makeup Forever Mists & Fix
@roselee89 does it not smear makeup??
@miranpark88 During winter is a must, but during summer you have to use it as well, specially because your skin is so exposed to the AC, it is important to keep that natural temperature to avoid breakouts or wrinkles.
@SabeenM Depends on which on you select. There are some mists that actually do the job, hydrate yourskin, and give the necessary nutrients that your skin needs. I would not get a cheap one and expect to do the job. I definitely understand what you are saying, I used to think that way as well.
i never understood the purpose of mistsssss! apparently its supposed to hydrate your skinnn specially during winter! that i understandd but during summer i wouldn't use ittt
I'm also skeptical about face mists... they seem a bit sketchy.