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Apparently EXO and Justin Bieber had concerts in Tokyo the same night and a majority of the people went to see EXO instead! Even beliebers! I'm dying of laughter😂 New update: The hashtag used to be fourth on Twitter, but now its seventh. Now Justin's fans are getting really racist; I get that people wanna defend their idol (Justin Bieber and kpop idols) but I actually happen to be Chinese (and I don't get offended often). And I'm actually starting to get really offended now. So if people on social media can stop making stupid "Ching-Chong" racist jokes that'd be great. And if anyone is going to tell them to stop, just say stop, don't fire back with another hurtful or racist comment.
A girl on Twitter who went to the Justin Bieber concert posted this photo... Apparently he didn't even perform the last song, he just up and left because there were so little people.
And SMTown and BTS had concerts in Tokyo too.
BTS' concert in Japan!
The only JB I care about is Jaebum from GOT7.
And they still doubt the power of kpop? AHAHAHA
Damn I love the kpop fans for being savage
@Chocolat09 lol Ik u not exo fan but Kpop fans be savage
THIS IS TOO MUCH for Justin! Mean!!! Lmao, just kidding I would rather see Kpop idols than him too 😂😂😂
Yeah, Justin had no chance that night... BTS and SMtown? At least their loyal to the end fans showed up to those concerts 😂😂
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