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Que tal peeps!

This is Jessamine aka @amobigbang bringing you some weekly skincare tips. Now that school is beginning you may want to switch up your skincare routine. Some of my peeps my be into sports and your skin will defiantly go through a lot with changing your diet and with all the sweating you will do. I remember being in the marching band and by pores would be super clogged from practicing in the sun and becoming a sweat blog. My skin would be more acne prone during marching band season.
For this card I will focus on acne prone skin and the benefits of tea tree oil as an ingredient in facial products.

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Writer Jessamine aka @amobigbang

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Tea Tree Soft Bubble Foam

This skinfood product has new fresh look. This is great to use to help remove purities after a hard day from school and sweating all day. You could use this after your oil base cleanser.
"Bubble foam cleanses impurities from skin with thick, soft bubbles" (Source).
Price: $17.66

Tea Tree Clearing Emulsion

•Skin problem solution : light and refreshing tea tree toner•Tea tree leaf extract, tea tree leaf oil contain: skin soothing•Tested for skin irritation (Source)
This leaves the face feeling refreshed and clean. This product is used for all skin types and acne prone skin.
Price: $11.00

Skinfood Tea Tree Secret Spot Patch

•Skin problem solution : Calm redness
•Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic acid contained
•Excellent adhesion
•Komedo non-transgenic tested: using acne skin (Source)
This is awesome for treating specific spots on your face. If you have stubborn pimple this will help eliminate the pimple and the redness that you might have from it.
Price: $0.57

DYI Tea Tree & Lemon Face and Body Scrub

Exfoliating the skin is very important to polish off dead skin and impurities from your skin. You want to exfoliate at least 1 or twice a week. Try saving money by making your own face scrub with tea tree oil.
I found this recipe here. But I made a few changes, because I felt the recipe was too harsh for the face.
◾2/3 c of brown sugar
◾1/2 c of baking soda
◾1/2 c of extra virgin olive oil. Honestly, you can use any type of oil that you want (e.g. coconut, apricot, avocado, soy, etc).
◾1/3 c of honey
◾10-15 drops of tea tree essential oil.
◾1/2 of a lemon juice. However, if you are sensitive to lemon juice please skip this step.

Tea Tree Oil for Acne

You can buy tea tree oil anywhere. The more pure the more powerful. Make sure to read the ingredients. Sometimes cheaper brands will have other oils mixed with a low dose of tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Essential Oil - Big 4 oz - 100% Pure & Natural Melaleuca Therapeutic Grade

This is the tea tree oil that I live by. I would not use any other and this lasts a long time.


Multi uses: I mix this in my shampoo to handle my dry itchy scalp. I use this in my homemade scrubs. I use this to clean cuts and to deal with ingrown hairs. I use this too to relax sore muscles.
Pure ingredients
Great price for some much product (But I do have amazon prime)


This again is PURE tea tree oil so the smell is SUPER STRONG!!!!! Make sure to use only 3 drops literally.
Price: $13.95
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Or just buy tea tree oil at Walmart and use a cutip to dip it in and dab you zits before bed. If you don't pick at your skin and you wash it before adding the tea tree oil then your problem zit should be gone in 2-3 days