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I'm Back!

Hello! The name's ZexoV. I create appreciation posts for kpop groups and so far I only got BTS down. However, I stopped creating due to school and other reasons. But I am back and more creative than ever! I am deciding to make appreciations posts not only for kpop groups but for anime shows too! Yes I watch Anime. And after I post a appreciation post for an anime show I will go back to girl kpop groups. It's an alteration you see. 2 Boy Kpop Groups, Anime, 2 Girl Kpop Groups. In the future, I'm hoping to get feed back from y'all and maybe put appreciation posts for Korean actors/actresses and add collections like Wallpapers of the week, Quotes of the week, Song of the week, etc.
To commemorate my time back in Vingle I will share some pictures I have on my phone! I hope to get along with all of you! I will work hard! Thank you!