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I filled in a couple more pages. I was going to add more objects and stuff in the background, but it'd just take a lot longer lol. I appreciate positive feedback. If anyone else would like to be tagged in the finished product, let me know in the comments or message me ✌️
I didn't realize how hard boobs are to draw lol. I thought it'd be easier since I have some. Guess not!
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Tag me :3 Plz!
a year ago·Reply
@Kell13 I have difficulty shading the underboob lol
a year ago·Reply
Omg yes! Can't wait to see what happens next 😍😍
a year ago·Reply
@LCordz that's what I've heard from different people. boobs are hard to draw lol idk why they just are.
a year ago·Reply
LOL yes boobs are a complicated subject ot understand :P
a year ago·Reply