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Even more fire type Pokemon than before. The last two eevees I evolved both turned into flareons! Never thought I'd say this, but I don't want anymore fire Pokemon! lol. I want more water and electric!
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@LCordz i live in ohio. i get squirtles and snorlax's
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@mcbubbles lucky! A snorlax has only popped up once on my radar and a squirtle never has lol. There's a lot of fire and rock type Pokemon around here
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@LCordz ur soo lucky i have one ponyta one growlithe and one magmar i hatched all of them tho
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lol water types ive only got them out of eggs except squirtle
a year ago
How did you get that many arcanine
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I actually have more. I have 10. They're everywhere where I live
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