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Hello vinglers! Here is the first chapter of my oneshot series 'Married to J-Hope' it may not be much, but I promise it will get interesting as the weeks go by so enjoy it and give it lots of love! Want the intro? Click here:
Chapter 1 It was eight in the morning and the sun was shining through Hannah's window, making her eyes squinch and wake up. She rose from her bed and walked over to her closet to find a soft shirt and sweat pants to wear for the day. She set them on her bed and woke up her roommate, Chloe. "Chloe! Get up! We have to meet everyone at the breakfast room!" Hannah said as she shook her leg. Chloe rose from her bed and scratched her head. "We have to get dressed!" Hannah told her and started taking off her pjs and putting on her clothes for the day. Chloe got up from her bed and found her clothes that she was going to wear for the day from her closet. She then got dressed as Hannah was putting her shoes on and gathering her stuff and putting them in her purse. "You ready Chloe?" Hannah asked. Chloe grabbed her purse from her desk. "Yeah, let's go." Chloe responded. They both went down the elevator and went to the breakfast room to meet the other college students. They found Madison and Natalie sitting at a table saving Hannah and Chloe a chair. They both set their purses on the table and got their breakfast. After the four girls ate their breakfast, they went to the university for their class. It was only 3 hours since their class started and before they knew it, class was over and they continued to go to their classes until it was lunch time. So they went to a restaurant near the campus and had lunch. Then they had their final class and went out to do their own thing. Hannah went to the park and did her usual workout of fast-walking and dancing to her favorite songs. Chloe, Madison and Natalie went back to the hotel and took a nap before dinner. Once Hannah was done dancing, she went back to the hotel and cooled off for dinner. Once the sweat on her body dried off, she woke the other girls up and they found a restaurant that suited their appetite perfectly. Once they got in and sat down, they looked at the menu and were very satisfied with what they saw on it. After they had an awesome dinner and left the restaurant, they went to the ice cream place on the other side of the hotel. "Man that restaurant was awesome!" Natalie said. "Yeah, we should go there again!" Madison said. "Agreed! What did you think Hannah?" Chloe asked Hannah. "Oh yeah, it was awesome!" Hannah replied. The girls enjoyed their ice cream at the place and went back to their hotel. As they got to the elevator to their floor, they got on and went to their respective rooms on their respective floors. Chloe and Hannah got to their room and immediately fell on their bed because they were so tired from the day. They both got up, undressed, put on their pjs, and slept throughout the whole night. Tagging the friend list! Please let me know if you want to be added or removed. Vingle friend list @PolarStarr @ChelseaGarcia @PassTheSuga @AimeeH @LocoforJiYong @ChelseaAustin @SerenityThao @CrookedShadow @JohnEvans @AaliyahNewbell @poojas @solodaywithB1A4 @Vay754 @lovetop @VixenViVi @EmilyPeacock @SuperJuniorelf @AmberRelynn @JennieThor @SarangRavi @VeronicaArtino @Allyson3333 @Baekyeol27 @PrettieeEmm @AubriePope @Sammiee99522 @JiyongLeo @KaylinJones @PrincessUnicorn @Stephanie123 @Helixx @luna1171 @CurrySoop @SusiBosshammer @SabrinaSakura @CeilidhHoadley @KpopisLife16 @StephersTaylor @KwonOfAKind @CreeTheOtaku @annabelleimiri @MrsJungHoseok @HaruBaozi @MYNAMEKYong @KpopGaby @IsoldaPazo @mitchix5 @dayashley11 @awkwardjazzy @Kpossible4250 @Gamerkyumin @KaeliShearer @AmberFranco @gabbycalzada @RedChord @tiffany1922 @Serenitylynn @amberg171997 @StefaniTre @karinamiranda81