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No, I don't think my UB will ever change from Taecyeon. I could see someone being added as an additional UB, especially while Taec is in the military though.
Next year I know we're losing Taecyeon to the military for his mandatory service. Though he's definitely smart enough to become a conscripted police officer, I bet he'll go more towards army or marines. He'll be good at it too, and I bet will end up head of his platoon.
If you think about it, look at who else has to go in soon....GD, T.O.P., Jun K, Onew, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun ......and isn't scary to think of them having a gun? At least Taec I would trust with a gun.
I've now thought about who else could climb up as a potential UB with Taec, and honestly, I can't really think of anyone that I like as much. My other biases that could possibly move up include....
BTOB's MinHyuk
Shinee's Minho
C N Blue's MinHyuk
BTOB's EunKwang (I've never quite figured out my fascination with him)
Super Junior's Siwon
2 PM's Nichkhun
or B1A4's CNU
I do have a bias in a lot of other groups (BTS, EXO, VIXX, etc) , but those are just boys. They are WAY TOO YOUNG for me to think of them any other way. Those are the biases that I want to take home and protect. I'd say 'date my daughter', but some of them I wouldn't want dating my daughter.
So, I will leave you with the one thing about Taecyeon I didn't mention all week. It's not as important to me as his personality, but I will admit, he looks very good...