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Is it bad that when I saw the tweet saying KPOP is some satanic ritual the first thing that I thought was "How do they know about Satansoo??"
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That moment when u show up in a screenshot 😭😭😭😭 but belibers were real salty. They didn’t realize the savages they were dealing with
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Yeah me neither he went to Great Wall of china and he forced his bodyguards to carry him 😒 man I was so mad
the only thing I'm confused about is...did Justin's people not know that there was not Goin to be many people at the concert? or did the people did show up and then leave in the middle to head over to EXO or did the people buy Justin's tkt then brought EXO when they realized they were having a concert? just wondering. personally I would have brought EXO even if I had brought Justin's- 9 awesome personalities vs 1 stinky bratty personality? yea no brainer!
They left when they found out that EXO having a concert
OMFG!!! I LOVE THE ONE WITH BAM BAM 😂😂😂 The amount of savageness!!
What I don't get is why people get mad about Japanese people going to a Kpop concert in Japan...? Like that bit bitch talking about China and ching chong lingaling language. Uhhh Exo members speak and sing in so many fucking languages it would make your head spin. You think Biebs would do anything like that for his international fans? 😂😂😂
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