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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica JJJ aka @amobigbang bringing some smexy Jay stuff. I wanted as always step outside the box. I could create my own next time but I found a cute fanfiction of Jay Park.

Mature Content

Source Credit to writer which is not me
“Yeah that one one sounds good, I really think-” Jay was half way through giving his opinion on Gray’s new single when his phone buzzed on the desk beside him, lighting up. He snatched it up before anyone could see the message and positioned it away from the AOMG guys that were crowded around the desk. Gray looked up from the microphone in the sound proof room as Jay said into the comms, “Okay, take a break, Gray, for a second….” He looked at his phone to see a text from you. I just finished work Jae, I will come and drop your present off now if you want ~ It read, and he smiled at his phone as he text back, Sure, baby! “Hey, what you smiling at, man?” Hep elbowed him in the ribs. Cha Cha and Jeungoon turned around, to hear what he was smiling about. Jay quickly wiped the grin off his face, “Oh! Uh, nothing." The boys started to tease him, "Was that _____, by any chance?” But it wasn’t nothing. Jay was smiling because it was his 1 year anniversary with you. You were meant to be celebrating all day, but Jay had been called in at work the night before because Gray had needed some assistance and advice from Jay and the rest of the AOMG guys about his new single, a track he was very, very worried about already. Being the good manager he was, Jay had gone in to help, not knowing he would want him to stay tomorrow as well to carry on. Not wanting to keep your boyfriend from his work, you told him he should just stay and then you would celebrate properly tonight, when he had finished. Jay agreed, although he really wanted to stay in with you. He had apologized about fifty million times, even though you didn’t blame him anyway. You couldn’t help feeling a little sad you couldn’t spend the day together, though. So, you had decided to pop in at the AOMG office, drop off his present, then leave and meet him later. Secretly, the main reason you had decided to go round is because you seriously just couldn’t wait until tonight to see him. Jay had decided not to tell the AOMG guys that it was his anniversary because he didn’t want Gray to feel guilty, so he kept it quiet while he smiled to himself, thinking about you. You pressed the buzzer and someone buzzed you in. You took the stairs up to the AOMG office and knocked lightly on the door to the studio. You heard someone, you assumed Cha Cha, say, through breaths of laughter. “Come in!" And you opened the door, fixing your hair before hand. They all seemed to be in the middle of laughing about something and Jae kept hitting them. "Well atleast I have a girlfriend!” He stuck his tongue out at Hep. “Speak of the devil!” Hep laughed, smiling at you, “Hey, ______!” You blushed at the fact they had been talking about you. What had they been saying? You thought, a little worried. Jay looked up from the headlock he had Gray in now and grinned, letting go of him, “Hey, baby." "Hey.” You breathed, trying not to smile too much. His smile widened, his eyes sparkling a little. “What’s in the bag?” Hep pointed at the ruck sack on your back that held Jay’s present. You stuttered for an excuse, “Oh, um. Jay wanted me to pick up some dog treats for Peatry…” The boys seemed to buy it Cha Cha looked to Jay, then to you, then to Jay again. “Come on guys, let’s leave this two lovebirds alone for a minute. It’s obviously killing themthat they’ve not kissed and its been about a millisecond!” He guffawed and walked out the other guys following, but not after wolf whistling. As soon as the door had closed behind them, Jay lept up from his spinny chair. He crossed the room quickly, turning his snapback around so the back was at the front of his head. Before saying anything, he strode over to you and pulled you into his arms. Resting his forehead against yours, he closed his eyes, unable to conceal his grin. He rubbed your nose with his and breathed, “Happy Anniversary, baby.” He opened his eyes to find you smiling at him the way he was smiling at you. He laughed lightly, “I can’t believe it’s been a whole year.” Your smile widened, “I know, I love y-” “Shut up and kiss me already, will you?” He pretended to sound annoyed, but his smile ruined it as he leaned down to brush his lips across yours. Before the kiss could be deepened, you heard a loud cough that came from the door to the studio. “Okay, minutes up!” Cha Cha shouted, laughing at the irritated look on Jay’s face. Usually, when you were around friends, you refrained from using enough skinship. You started to move a little further out of Jay’s arms so you weren’t as close but he held you tighter, not quite wanting to let you go yet. “Dudeee…” He whined, then realizing he had to get back to work as he reluctantly let go of you and positioned himself back at the desk as the rest of the men filed in. “Okay, well, I’ll see you later.” You smiled at him, trying not to look too disappointed you had to leave so quickly. Jay’s face dropped, “You don’t have to go already, do you?” Hep perked up from the sofa situated further across the room, looking up from his phone to smile at you, “You don’t have to go, you can stay if you want. I think work is going to be a little slower anyway because everyone’s pretty tired.” The other boys nodded in agreement and your boyfriend’s eyes lit up again, “Yeah, see? You don’t have to go." "Um, okay.” You smiled. Jay beckoned you over, “Come over here, I wanna show you Gray’s new album design!" He took your hand and pulled you onto his lap, not noticing your blush. See, it wasn’t like you weren’t used to skinship with him. Jay loved skinship, when you were alone, he couldn’t keep his hands, or his lips off you. Not even in a sexual way, he just did little things, like playing with your hair and touching your waist and enclosing your hand in his. Of course, you never complained, you just loved being near him, being close, touching however little or more. When you were out, it was clear you were a couple because he always kept his hand on your waist or the small of your back. You loved it, it was like he was proud you were his, something you really couldn’t believe. But, around friends, he tended not to touch you as much because it felt weird when amongst friends to be doing the whole couple bubble thing. However, today, he appeared not to care. He was doing loads of skinship and even calling you baby, something he rarely did when around friends. He positioned you so you were sat in the crook of his arm as he cradled you slightly to his chest. He put his head on top of yours, clicking on a document that had the image on. You looked around, no one was looking so you felt a little less weird about the amount you were touching right now. He showed you the work he had been doing for a while, before Jeungoon and Hep announced you should watch a film. You freed yourself from your boyfriend’s arms and stood up, "Sounds good!” Jay reluctantly got up from the chair too Jay came up behind you and said, “Uh, I don’t know guys…” He searched for an excuse to go home with you, “Peatry needs feeding and-” You turned around to look at him, as he nodded to try and tell you to agree. You ignored him, “I’m sure Peatry can wait, besides, I fed him before we came.” You said, to try and tell Jay you could celebrate later. He understood but he still battled against it, “Yeah, but, I don’t want to disappoint…uh, Peatry. I promised him-” He meant you, but he was trying not to make it obvious something was going on. Hep looked at him like he was mad and started to laugh, “Gawd, it’s a dog Jay. The way you talk about it, it’s as if you’re going to marry it or something!” He guffawed, totally missing the code that was going on between you and Jay. Jay laughed along, “Maybe, one day!” Then he caught your eye when no one was looking and flashed you a grin and a wink. You blushed. Had he really just hinted at you one day getting married?! You bit back a smile, secretly touched at the idea that he actually thought about such thinks, like you did occasionally. “Let’s go watch, okay?” You smiled up at your boyfriend. Instead of returning the smile, he grimaced, pouting a little, “But, what if…Peatry…is disappointed?” He said, meaning you. “Um, Peatry…won’t mind.” You said, meaning you. “Are you sure?” Jay asked, dropping the code for a second and curling one arm around your waist. You grinned, “Yeah. I wanna watch it!” “Okay, let’s go watch!” Jeungoon said. He said into the comms, “Gray, while your in the studio we’re gonna go watch the film in the other room okay? You keep going." A little while later, then film was set up and you were taking seats on the sofas. Jay’s usual chair was the single one that only fit one person on the left side, but seeing as there was two of you, and the only one Cha Cha on the double sofa, he offered to swap so you could be on the double one. Before you could accept, Jay answered for you, "Nah. We’ll be okay on my seat." You gave him a questioning look but he didn’t see. See, he had chosen to stay in his seat because he knew you would have to sit on his lap and he secretly didn’t really want to let go of you tonight, although he would never admit it. Everyone took their seats and Jay pulled you into his lap and positioned you carefully so you were in the crook of his arm, leaning against his chest again. Your legs were stretched over Jay’s legs and your feet were on the arm of the chair. He put his hand on your shi, and though it was only a small touch, it made your cheeks redden a little. The film started and everyone shut up. You really loved the film, but you were finding it hard to concentrate with Jay looking at you the way he was. Although your eyes were glued to the screen, you could see him surveying you sneekily out the corner of your eye. Your mouth twitched as you tried not to smile at the way he was looking at you so intently. You wondered what he was thinking but you didn’t dare turn around in case it stopped him from looking and ruined the way his eyes were shining at you right now. Slowly he took his finger and carefully smoothed your brow to try and stop you looking so worried. You turned to look at him with a questioning glance. "What?” You whispered. “Try not to look so worried. I’ve seen this one before, he’s gonna be okay.” He whispered back, smiling, referring to the character on screen. “Really?” He kissed your temple, “Yep." Hep offered around some boiled sweets and Jay thanked him and took the tin. He reached out to pick a cherry one and made like he was going to feed it to you, so you opened your mouth to take it, blushing again. But, at the last minute he pushed it into his own mouth, laughing quietly at the horrified look on your face. He passed the sweets back before you could get one. You jabbed him in the ribs, "Hey, where’s mine?” At that, he smirked and then opened his mouth to reveal the cherry sweet balanced between his teeth. God, he was so sexy.. He wiggled his eyebrows and you laughed quietly and swatted his shoulder lightly. He laughed silently, “You’re so cute when your mad, baby." You smiled, you loved it when he was in a playful mood. He seemed so happy, you couldn’t help but smile more. Cha Cha heard and said loudly, "Gawd, could you get any cheesier, Jay?” The other boys laughed and you looked embarrassed. Jay shifted you in his lap so he could lean over and strike Cha Cha’s leg with his fist that was lazily lounging over the sofa. The punch only made the boys laugh more and Hep said between bursts of laughter, “How can you even stand this cheeseball, _____!” “Man, if I didn’t wanna watch this film I would come over there and knock you out!” Jay shouted over at him. Cha Cha laughed, “Sure, sure…” The laughter died down and everyone turned their attention back to the screen. Jay took your hand in his and intertwined your fingers slowly. You caught his eye, and you both smiled at each other. He traced ‘I love you’ on your hand and you grinned. Jay wasn’t usually so cheesy and it was nice to see him this way. “Happy one year.” He said, quietly, kissing you on the cheek when he thought the boys weren’t looking. “One year?” Hep piped up and your eyes snapped up. Crap. He’d heard. Jeungoon looked up, “What? Is it your guys anniversary?” You and Jay exchanged glances. “Dude, why didn’t you say anything?!” Cha Cha asked curiously, “We would have let you go home.” Jay scratched his neck, “Yeah. I just didn’t say anything because I didn’t want you guys to feel bad or whatever…” “That’s crazy! You seriously should have just said…Go home and celebrate, guys.” You started to protest, “It’s really okay, I want to watch the film anywa-” But you were interrupted by Jay who pushed you off the chair and lept up, “Thanks guys!” He said quickly, grabbing your hand and swiftly making for the door. Before you could finish your sentence, he had pulled you out of the door, closed it behind him and pressed you against the corridor wall. His hands steadied himself on either side of your head as he leaned down to kiss you more passionately than he had ever done before. You could feel how much emotion he was feeling by the way he kissed you. He moaned into the kiss, “Gawd, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do that all day.” He nuzzled your neck and you closed your eyes. When you opened them, you had been whisked up into his arms and over his shoulder. You laughed, “Jay! What the hell are you doing!” “Let’s go!” He yelled as he pounded down the corridor with you on his back. “Jay! You do realize theres a staircase-” “What’s the matter, don’t you trust me?” You could hear the smile in his voice. “Jay! Don’t you bloody dare!” You shouted, but you were laughing too much to actually sound angry. He laughed, “I dare.”
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