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guys i am so sorry i havent uploaded in a while even tho ive been posting other things i am so so sorry ive been trying to catch up but so many things happening at once i hope you understand i am so so so soooo sorry Your ears were covered by the earphones Namjoon suddenly put in your ear. You were engulfed in the music, wondering how people can talk that fast while Bangtan were finally relaxed and freely cursed in front of you without worrying about you hearing them.  They needed to go back to school for extra lesson because of not attending yesterday. Since no one would be home and they didn't want to stand at the center of the school for another week, they decided to just bring you along.  "Where are we going?" you asked once Namjoon took off the ear buds and realized they were all wearing uniform.  "To school, because we need to attend an extra lesson." Taehyung answered, grabbing a bag and shoving his books and a random pen inside.  You frowned a little, "but today is Saturday." "yes, but the teacher said it so we have to go back." Jin said,crouching down in front of you. you need to listen to the teacher too,what they say is important." how ironic,he thought,that he's teaching you these kinds of things. to obey and to listen,while mostly done none of those.  he knew those were important( listening to teachers and parents ), and he wanted you to grow up to be a better person, live a great life. Instead of living in a small flat with six other people, stealing things, getting into fight, basically suffering in general. You pouted before nodding, and throwing yourself at him after that. You knew his intention of telling you all those, because your father, your aunts and uncles, the partner of your father have told you the same thing repeatedly.  Pointing at the picture at Bangtan, as you remembered, whole telling you, "You'll end up like them if you don't study hard, usless and poor."  Your mother were more on the nicer side instead.  "I will," you said, "And when i can finally earn money by myself, i'll make sure you guys live a great life too. Buy what you want to and do what you want to. Just wait until i grow up."  "Study hard, show them the good side of the world when you grow older and have the power to." your mother had always taught you, because your father had just been doing that exact opposite.  Jin stood up straight as he walked out of the house with the others. Yoongi shutted and locked the door before you spoke again.  "I haven't said i love you in a long time," you muttered, loud enough for them to hear you, "I love you."  They smiled, and that's enough to light up their mood.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You were being forced to go out of the classroom to the garden of the school because you were to distracting according to the teachers.  They just didn't want to be rude to Bangtan in front of you. you were drawing on a paper a girl teacher provided yu, with a few crayons.  You assumed she was a teacher, as she was marking some papers, not paying much attention to you.  After finishing your master piece, you ran over to the teacher and showed it to her.  She looked up, her brows furrowed for a second before she  raised a knowing eyebrow. A look of touched appeared before her expression returned back to normal again.  She cleared her throat, "Wow, This is such a beautiful drawing."  The drawing might not be as good as she said it be, but the meaning holding inside was certainly great.  "So, what is it about?'  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "This is Jungkook with all the game consoles and games, because he loves video games."  "This is Taehyung with all the puppies because Taehyung loves puppies and he finds them very adorable."  "This is Jimin and his own karaoke set because he loves singing a lot and he always sings in the shower like i do."  The others snorted while Jimin turned bright red for a second. "This is Hoseok with his own dance room. He's really good at dancing and he dances with Jimin and Jungkook in the house randomly sometimes."  "This is yoongi and Namjoon will have for themselves. So they can make music and play around with the instruments and maybe record a few songs."  "This is Jin and all his food and pink things because he loves those two things." the teacher finished before giving Yoongi the messy picture you drew  "She said something in the line of doing these when she grew older. I'm guessing she wanted to take care and protect you all too, when she's older. you guys just need to wait."  Bangtan nodded and thanked the teacher before leaving the school. There they have it, the tingling feeling of happiness and warmth again.  Those were indeed the things they wanted and those things you drew on the paper were once their everything.  But now that they think about having all of those, it didn't bring much satisfaction to them as it did before.  Instead, thinking about being able to hold your hands while going to school, to hug you tightly when school's over and they went to fetch you, to hear you sing in the shower, to see you smile when you play princess with Taehyung---these make them feel delighted.  You were mumbling something when you were sleeping on Jin's houlder before you suddenly woke up because Jin had slightly quickened his walking pace to cross the road.  "Hey, did i wake you?" he asked gently. You shook your head lightly. you eye-lids half open.  "Shh, go back to sleep. We'll be home soon," Namjoon said, patting your head softly as he playfully tapped his lips with his finger. "Bbo Bbo?"  You sniffed a little before leaning across Jin's shoulder to peck Namjoon's lips and going back to sleep later on.  Gazing at you with tender eyes, they realized they didn't need to wait until you grew up to get what they want. They already have it, you're here and that's already enough.
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