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Alright after taking 5 hrs to rewrite this since my computer was a butt and deleted my work I'm finally ready to post it!!! If you missed @SweetDuella Chapter click here
“Jenni?” Sarah called out as she walked into the living room. “Yeah?” Jenni said, she was laying on the couch “So how would you feel about having a couple more people live with us for a week?” “Who?” “Cameron and Kaylee.” “They want to come visit you?” she questioned shocked “Well sort of.” “What happened?” Jenni asked “Well there mom called me and asked if they could come here so she could move out. Her and her husband are getting a divorce and the kids don’t know yet.” “Oh man that will be fun to come back home to a new place.” Jenni said sitting up “Yea so are you ok with it?” “Yea that’s fine. When will they be here?” she asked “Hee hee hee hee…today.” Sarah said with a toothy smile she was getting Tae’s smile down. “SARAH!” “What, she asked me a few days ago and I just said yes, I haven’t seen them in a while, and I figured if you said no I’d stay at a hotel with them.” “Gosh Sarah I may not like kids, but I would never do that!” Jenni laughed “Oh thank god, I didn’t want to spend the money.” Sarah laughed “So when are they going to be here?” Jenni asked getting up finally off the couch and walking into the kitchen. Sarah followed. “After the show today I’m going to go to get them from the airport.” “Cool, I’ll head home after then.” “I’ll get you a panda if you come with me.” “Will it be bigger than Joonie?” “HELL NO! If you get one as big as him I want one as big as Kookie!” “Then no, I won’t go.” Jenni took a sip of water and then turned to leave the kitchen with Sarah still following her. “How about a panda with a backpack?” “Will it be Pink?” Jenni asked turning towards Sarah “The panda or the backpack?” “Backpack.” “Sure I can do that. So do we have a deal?” Sarah asked holding her hand out. “In the backpack there also needs to be crayons and paper.” “Really?” “Yes Really.” “If that’s all ok, I’ll do that. So Deal?" Sarah said again and this time Jenni took her hand and shook it. “Deal! Man what does Joonie see in me, I’m so childish.” Jenni said laughing “Because you’re soooooo cute!” Sarah said poking Jenni’s cheek. “You’re right Joonie does like adorable things.” “Well that’s not all he likes your personality, and the way you are with him, He gets jealous of other guys if they get too close. But mainly the personality that is soooooo cute, grabbed him.” Sarah finished saying. They finally walked out the door and headed back to work. They were discussing what they could do with the two for the next week. Sarah was glad that they would be gone before Kookie got back because she didn’t really want to explain about them. The girls got to the studio and started work. After their intro they played a few songs and then started their random talk. “So the other day Ruby and I got gifts! Ruby got a giant panda and I got a giant Tiger. I named mine Jungkookie because why not. He is my ultimate bias. Ruby have you named yours yet?” Sarah asked “No, I can’t think of one so it’s just panda.” “Oh come on you got to give it a name, you know you could name it like I did with mine?” Sarah said with a smile. “Ha maybe, I’ll think of one eventually.” Jenni said smiling at Sarah “Oh you need one, since he is the leader of your army.” Sarah started laughing. “Oh that is true.” “So the other day we were talking to Got7’s Bambam and he said he wanted to see our panda and tiger fight and ruby was against it…or was.” “Diamond if you had a tiger it would eat my panda, then come for me, and then finally come for you.” Jenni said laughing “I didn’t think he meant real ones. Although I would love to have a pet tiger…but like you said I’d be killed by it.” Sarah laughed. “Oh our stuffed animals? Then yea I am all game!” “Now we pick teams.” Sarah said “I get BTS you get GOT7.” Jenni said “NO. I get all of BTS but I’ll give you Namjoon and I get all of GOT7 but I’ll give you Jackson.” “Wait so I got 3 on my team while you have 13. That’s not fair.” Jenni whined “Oh I also get all of EXO but I’ll give you Tao because he is the Kung Fu Panda.” Sarah laughed “Well then I get B.A.P” “That’s fine! I like them but I wouldn’t want them on my team.” “Yea now we are getting even.” Jenni giggled writing down how many each army had. “Wait a second! You got everyone at Kcon. Minus 5 of Astro which I will claim them on my team.” Sarah quickly stated “Oh yeah, I do! “Oh my god! I just remembered this! You got Lee Minho!” “Hahaha I do!” “That’s it I am going to find him and give him a tiger and I’m sure he’ll come to my side cause he likes tigers.” “Sure he will. I also get Amber and Eric.” “Ahhh I want amber! You know what we are going to give her a tiger too and see if she’ll change teams, but I could see her being on the panda side.” The girls talked a bit more about their teams and which groups they would get. Then they took a break and when they came back Jenni started talking about something. “So the other day Diamond and I were walking down the street and I saw a shooting range.” “Oh yea I remember that! I was like oh we should do that and as I turned to you and said that your comment was……Priceless. Why don’t you tell the listeners what you said?” Sarah smiled trying to hold back from spilling it herself. “I wanna go play with guns!” Both girls bust out laughing. “And this is why Ruby is not allowed near guns.” “What I meant to say is that I wanted to learn how to shoot a gun.” “Yea you would still be playing with it and who knows what would happen next.” “Hey, I might be good at shooting a gun.” “Yea and you might not. We will never know.” “Oh we will soon.” She did an evil laugh. “Ok listeners….you heard it here we are going to find out if Ruby is a good or bad shooter. I won’t be around her for that so we’ll have to take her word on it.” After a little longer they once again played music along with commercials and took callers. Then finally they finished and headed out to go get the kids. “Don’t forget you owe me a panda with a backpack and crayons and paper.” Jenni said poking Sarah’s arm. “I won’t but let’s go get them first so that they aren’t standing around waiting for us long.” Sarah hailed a taxi and the girls headed to the airport. After several minutes they arrived and they saw that the kid’s flight had just landed. So they went to the international arrivals and waited for them. When the kids saw Sarah they screamed her name and ran to her. They hugged her and then they went to get their luggage. Then before they did anything they took the luggage back to the house and then went to get food and get Jenni her Panda and accessories. The next week went by really fast. The kids had gone to the girls work. They met boss man and Julia and the others. They had also been running around making sure to do a lot of fun things with the kids since they hadn’t been there and who knew when they would come back. The whole time Kaylee would say “omg that guy is hot.” Thankfully they weren’t close enough to hear. Cameron was trying to talk to people and Sarah had to keep reminding him that they probably didn’t understand him, he didn’t care he still wanted to be friendly. The kids loved the Rainbow Bridge but Kaylee loved Namsan tower and said one day when she got a boyfriend she would want to come here and put a lock. The girls were tired from a long day, when they were almost home and Cameron asked a question. “Since we leave in 2 days can we go to the amusement park tomorrow?” “Yea why not. It’s Saturday and we don’t work.” Sarah said smiling at the boy “Yay!” *DING* Jenni and Sarah’s phone went off as they got to the door. Jenni unlocked it as she was grabbing her phone. Sarah already had it out. Kookie: Hey what are you doing? Sarah: Just got home going to make some dinner and watch TV. HBU? Kookie: Oh nothing much, just waiting to go out. Sarah: How was Japan? Kookie: It went really well. Sarah: that’s great. Kookie: Alright I’m going to be there in 20 mins. Save a spot for me on the couch. Sarah: Wait your back? Kookie: Yup just got off the plane, getting to the van right now. Sarah: YAY!!!! Sarah squealed, and the kids looked at her. “My boyfriend’s back!” Sarah completely forgot that Kookie was going to meet them and eventually ask questions. Joonie: Hey babe what are you doing? Jenni: Gonna cook food and watch TV. You? Joonie: Well I’m coming over. I’ll be there in 20 mins. So save a place for me ok? Jenni: You’re back? I mean yea of course you are back. Joonie: I am coming to you first because I missed you. Jenni: I missed you too! “Alright guys we need to clean up your stuff, while me and Jenni start dinner.” Sarah said “Ok” Cameron said going for his things. “Can’t Cameron just do it for me?” Kaylee asked “No because they are your items not his.” “Fine.” Kaylee said and started picking her things up. Sarah and Jenni were in the kitchen getting things ready and started to make the food when the doorbell went off. Before the girls could get to the door Kaylee opened the door.
“Joonie!” Jenni said and ran to him hugging him. Kookie walked past the two and went to Sarah. Before she could say anything his lips were on hers. She missed his lips and smiled into the kiss. “Welcome back.” Sarah said after her and Kookie broke apart. “Good to be back.” “Oh my god they are hot!” Kaylee said and quickly covered her mouth. Both Jenni and Sarah laughed “Oh hello there, who are these two? “ Tae said walking over to Kaylee and Cameron. “Oh that’s Kaylee and Cameron they are visiting for a few more days.” Sarah said “Hi I’m Tae, Nice to meet you.” Then tae started pointing to each member and saying their names. Sarah and Jenni went back into the kitchen to finish cooking. “What are you making?” Kookie asked following Sarah into the kitchen. “Spaghetti and meatballs, with Sarah’s special sauce.” Jenni said throwing the noodles into the pot. “Yea I add real tomatoes to the sauce.” Sarah said with a smile and started cutting the tomato up. She was cutting up a bunch. “Ouch!” Sarah said after she cut her finger and set the knife down. “Are you ok?” Kookie asked as Jenni and Namjoon just watched. “Kookie! I cut myself will you take care of this for me.” Sarah said pouting and holding out her finger. Kookie shook his head and laughed. “Come on lets go to the bathroom.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bathroom and shut the door behind him. “Did she just do that on purpose?” Namjoon asked. “No she is just really good and making it look like she meant to do things.” “So who is more klutzy you or her?” Namjoon asked “I’ll say me, but it might be even. Like I said Sarah is good at covering up her klutzy unlike me.” Jenni laughed and finished making the meatballs and put them on the pan. Namjoon came up behind her and put his hands around her waist and then placed his head on her shoulder and moved so his lips were right next to her ear. “I missed you so so so much. I was going crazy over not seeing you. I love you so much Jenni.” He whispered into her ear, and as his breath hit her she got the good kind of shivers. She stopped what she was doing and spun around still in his arms and put her arms around his neck. “I missed you so so so much as well. I love you Joonie” She said and pressed her lips to his. She moved her lips so his bottom lip was between hers and she even bit on it causing him to pull her closer. *cough cough* they both stopped kissing each other and looked to who had coughed. “You two probably shouldn’t do that in here.” Jin said staring at the two. “Is that going to be enough for all of us?” Jin asked looking at the food. “Not anymore. You all have a big appetite” Jenni said still holding onto Namjoon. “Well then I am going to make some more food, so we have enough, those kids will love my cooking.” Jin said going to work on finding food to make. Jenni turned back around and checked the meatballs. Sarah was sitting on the sink while Kookie finished cleaning her finger and put a band aid on. Once it was placed he kissed the band aid. She had Kookie between her legs holding him in place as she watched him. “How’s your hand?” He asked as he looked at her hand, where the glass pan had hit. “Oh its fine, the bruise finally went away it just hurts a little bit when I touch it, but not a lot.” She smiled looking Kookie in the eyes. She watched as he took her hand and pulled it close to him. He kissed the spot and Sarah continued to smile. Then He started kissing up her arm slowly. As he got closer to her neck her stomach was doing flips and her heart was beating fast. When he got to her shoulder he kissed through her shirt and continued onto her collar bone. Sarah leaned her head away from Kookie so he had better access to her neck. He smiled against her skin and continued to kiss her neck, then he slowly kissed her cheek and then finally his lips met with hers. Sarah wrapped her legs around him pulling herself closer to him and wrapping her arms around his neck. One of his hands landed on her thigh, sending a wave of electricity through her. She wanted more. One of her hands slid down the front of his shirt and gripped it pulling him closer. His hand on her thigh moved up as there kissing got more intense. He put his hand under her shirt and started moving up when there was a knock at the door stopping the two. They pulled away from each other and stared at each other breathing heavily. “You two better not be having sex in there.” Jenni said Sarah had to calm herself down a bit and lightly pushed Kookie back so she could get off the counter. “No Jenni he was just kissing my injuries.” Sarah finally said in a normal voice. “Uh huh sure.” Sarah put her hand on the door knob and was about to turn it when Kookie put his hand on hers. She turned her face towards Kookie. “I’m sorry.” He said looking like a hurt puppy. “Why are you sorry?” Sarah turned around completely to face him. “I…I… Almost made us go too far. I just missed you so much I couldn’t control myself.” He looked down. “Hey babe, it is not just your fault. Its mine too. When you kiss me I forget to control myself easily.” She smiled and put her hand on his cheek. “I like you so much and I don’t want to rush it. I mean I really do want to have sex with you but…” “I get it; we are on the same page. I may be older but I don’t like the idea of rushing to sex. To be honest.” Sarah looked down at her feet. “I don’t want to have sex with you, I want to make love.” Her face started getting red. Kookie lifted her face up to look at him and he placed a kiss on her lips. “I want to make love to you too.” He smiled making her smile as well. “Ok that’s it, I need the bathroom and you two obviously don’t need it.” Jenni said walking in and seeing the two the way they were. “Aww that is so cute….now get out!” Jenni said causing the two to laugh and leave the bathroom. They got to the living room and saw everyone but Jin watching TV. “AHHHH!” everyone turned towards the bathroom and out ran Jenni. “What happened?” Sarah asked raising her eyebrows “There’s a Cockroach go kill it!” Jenni said hiding behind Namjoon who had almost ran to Jenni when she screamed. “Hell No I hate cockroaches.” “Joonie go kill it please.” Jenni begged “Ok” he laughed and went into the bathroom. A moment later he came out. “Its dead you’re safe.” He smiled “Thank you!” Jenni kissed his cheek and then went back into the kitchen and Sarah followed. After they ate dinner they all wanted dessert. “Aunt Sarah can we get Ice cream?” Cameron asked “Yea can we?” Kaylee asked “I don’t see why not.” Sarah smiled and put her shoes on. “ICE CREAM!” Jhope and Tae screamed and ran out the door. Kaylee and Cameron followed them and shortly everyone was chasing after the 4. After they got ice cream they were hanging around a park just enjoying there snack. Kaylee was hanging onto Tae not wanting to let go of him, Tae was just smiling, and Sarah wondered what her best friend was thinking about Kaylee. “I thought you didn’t have any family?” Kookie asked interrupting her thoughts “I don’t, I just have Jenni and her brother.” Sarah said she knew now she had to explain why she was Aunt Sarah to the kids. “Jenni Are they your kids? Or your brothers?” Jimin asked “Shut up Jimin we know they aren’t Jenni’s we already had this discussion that she doesn’t have any.” Namjoon said “So her brother?” Yoongi asked “No… neither of the choices have kids. To be honest, I’m actually not related to them at all. You all heard of my ex mike right?” Around of yes’s went around. “Wait did you marry him?” Kookie asked “No GOD no, I have never been married. Mike’s sister sees me as family because I was with him for so long, so she has her kids call me aunt.” “Oh that’s nice of you.” Jin said “Yea, well I’ll never be a real aunt so it’s the next best thing. Well actually maybe if I marry someone who has siblings then I might be an aunt.” Sarah glanced at Kookie to see how he was handling what she had said. She grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers. “You’re really sweet” he finally said smiling at her. “Aunt Sarah can they come with us to the amusement park tomorrow” Kaylee asked “That’s up to them.” Jenni and Sarah said at the same time. “Jinx! You owe me a soda” Jenni said causing Sarah to laugh. “Fine I’ll get you one later.” After a little bit more discussion the guys decided that they would go to the amusement park with them and that they would all meet up at the amusement park at 10 am.
They all met at the front of Everland. Once they got in they grabbed a map of the park to see where everything was and what they all wanted to ride. “Well I’m going on the T Express, who wants to go with me?” Sarah started walking towards the wooden coaster. “Of course I am going with you.” Kookie said grabbing her hand making her smile. “You don’t have to go with me.” She was enjoying spending time with her cute boyfriend. “Aunt Sarah?” Sarah turned to Kaylee. “Yeah Kaylee.” “I have a question for you. Come here.” Sarah looked at Kookie and then let go of his hand and walked over to her. “What’s up?” Kaylee started whispering. “How old is Kookie?” she asked “20.” “So you guys are 7 years apart?” “No 8 I’m 28 here” “So that means I’m 15 here?” “Yea. What is the point of this?” Sarah asked cocking a brow up. “Well…. I just wondered.” “Ok.” Sarah smiled and turned to walk back to Kookie. “Wait I have one more question. How old is Tae?” Sarah knew what was happening now. “He is 22” “Thank you!” Kaylee smiled and walked over to Tae. Sarah started laughing and walked over to Kookie. “I think Kaylee likes Tae.” She laughed “Why do say that?” “She just asked our age’s and then after knowing our age gap she asked how old Tae was and once I told her she was so happy and ran off to bother him.” “I don’t think he will go for someone that young, plus she is only visiting.” Kookie said “Yea I know, this will be fun to watch.” For the first ride everyone went on the T Express and then they all went their separate ways. Kookie and Sarah and Cameron and Jhope went together in one direction. Namjoon and Jenni and Jimin and Yoongi went another and Jin went with Tae and Kaylee one direction. “So is there anyone you like right now?” Kaylee asked Tae. “Nope. Just A.R.M.Y’s” he smiled “Yea they are pretty special” Jin said “You don’t want to date anyone?” She questioned “Not really.” “Here we are.” They were in front of the Rolling X train. “I want the front.” Tae said and Jin knew what was going to happen next. “Do you want to be in the front too Kaylee?” Jin asked “Yes please.” She smiled at Jin. “Go ahead I’ll sit behind you two.” “Thank you!” She was all smiles. Jin knew Tae didn’t realize that Kaylee had a crush on him. He was enjoying what was playing out; He wondered how long it would take Tae to find out. The ride took off. “This reminds me of the ride at adventure land.” Cameron said “Oh yea it does…That ride is awesome so that’s why we both wanted this one.” Sarah said “Hey why don’t we do that dragon coaster? I think it’s easy enough.” J hope said “It’s a kid’s ride.” Kookie said “Yea so?” Jhope said “Ok Hobi” Sarah went and hugged him. “Hey!” Kookie said and Sarah looked at him and smiled. “Hobi, I won’t make fun of you for being scared of the rides, you just going on them shows you are trying to be strong.” “I’m going to do no hands.” Cameron says making Jhope stare at him. “You are? I will hold on for dear life.” This caused Sarah to laugh and move back next to Kookie. He put his arm around her shoulder pulling her close to him, his lips touched her ear. “I’m not scared of rides, Shouldn’t you give me something?” Sarah smiled and turned to look at Kookie. She was close enough she could kiss his lips. She stood on her tippy toes and pecked his nose. “My strong Manly Boyfriend. I love you.” She said making him smile. “I’ll take that.” “Yes we are next!” Cameron yelled in excitement. “I got why they call it the hurricane.” Jhope said with big eyes. “Why’s that?” Sarah asked “Because a hurricane goes in circles, like we are the eye of the storm.” He said causing everyone to laugh. “Good job.” Kookie said patting his back. They all got on the ride and like Cameron said he did it no hands the whole time. Namjoon and Jenni were holding hands and were trying to not kiss. They wanted to but every time they were about to Jimin and Yoongi would put their hands between them. “If you guys don’t stop that we are going to kill you.” Yoongi said with a serious face. “Oh my gosh, I can’t tell if you mean it or are joking.” Jenni said “He isn’t joking. I’m your best friend but we don’t want to see that.” Jimin added “Fine. I’ll try to stop kissing her.” Namjoon finally said “Alright let’s go on here, it’s hot and it’s a water ride so we can get wet.” Jimin said pointing to the ride they were by. “That’s not a bad idea at all.” Jenni said taking the lead and heading to the line. They did small talk and Namjoon and Jenni did really good with only holding hands. “Alright finally we are on the Amazon Express! Let’s get Wet!” Jimin yelled. Jenni started laughing. “Seriously dude that sounds kinda…” Yoongi started “Dirty” Jenni finished for Yoongi and she was dying of laughter. The ride started and the first splash got Jimin wet. “Yay! I’m cooling off now because I’m wet.” He was smiling big. The rest eventually got wet along the way. After several more rides they all met up again. “Ok there are 2 things that I have to do with Jenni” Sarah said pulling Jenni away from Namjoon. “What’s that?” She asked “Safari rides.” “What they have those?” Jenni’s mouth dropped. “Yup they have 2.” “Oh we are so going!” Jenni said and before letting anyone else say anything the two were off. Everyone followed the first one they went to was Lost Valley. This everyone got to get up and close with the animals and feed them and pet them if the animal let them. After they were done with that Sarah dragged Jenni to the next one and the others followed. Safari world. This was what Sarah was waiting for. She had heard of a certain animal being in this one and she wanted to see it. This one they were enclosed in a bus so they couldn’t touch the animals. This was for the wild animals that could attack and kill. They had seen many animals. “JENNI! LOOK A WHITE TIGER!” Sarah yelled hitting Jenni’s arm in excitement. “Hey what about panda’s?” Jenni said “It would be killed if it was in this area; didn’t you see the panda in the other one?” Tae questioned “I missed it? Why didn’t anyone say anything?” Jenni asked turning to look at Namjoon. “I wasn’t paying attention I didn’t see it.” Namjoon covered his butt. “I didn’t say anything because I figured you loved pandas so much you had like a sensor for when they were near you” Yoongi said and looked back out the window. “You all suck!” Jenni said and looked back at the white tiger. “It’s a pretty Kitty.” She added “You want to switch to tigers yet?” Sarah asked “Nope I still love panda’s” After seeing the Animals, they went to get some food. As they started eating Sarah squealed and shot up from her seat. “I’ll be right back.” She took off and everyone watched her. Sarah had seen a guy in a tiger costume and had to get a picture with him. She ran over to him and he saw her coming and opened his arms. Sarah gave him a hug when she got to him. “Can I take a picture?” Sarah asked all smiley. The tiger was named Toby. That was going to be easy to remember she thought. She handed her phone to the girl that was walking with him. She moved next to Toby the Tiger and took a picture. Then she ran back and sat next to Kookie. “I got a picture with a tiger.” She giggled and showed Kookie. He just smiled at her. Several more hours later after they were done with rides and had eaten a lot, they decided it was time to leave. Lucky for the girls everyone wanted to go back to their place, they were going to play some video games and maybe watch movies. The night was going to be long.
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loved it! omg jenni at a gun range, that is scary! amusement park I knew it was coming but wah that was cute! loved it and nice for bringing in kids. (you did good remembering all the things you had written before )
Hehe Yea I'm proud of myself
So the clue bus needs to hit Tae this time. He loves kids and probably only sees Kaylee as a kid...that's going to get interesting. Americans are a little more on the affectionate side at times...hmm.
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Omg today's episode was the best I think. they were so playful. I loved it
The makeout session in the bathroom though! That was actually pretty hot. I love the gif because Taehyung, Namjoon and Suga all smile at the same time and it's so cute!
@SerenaArthurs actually they all do...well maybe not smile but show there teeth