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I was running around like a chicken with their head cut off. "No nonono... they go on the chairs." I was working with the staff to set up the venue for the wedding today. "Ah! Sammy you deal with them, I don't want to be bridezilla!"
I ran into the building to get ready. Simon was still recovering with the boys from his bachelor party. His must of been more wild than mine. Since, Jay said he was still hungover when I check in. I was fiddling with my fake nails, since I wasn't used to them.
It was my first time getting this girly. So I was seriously in foreign territory. "Lavi!~" I looked up through the mirror, to see the girls coming in. "Aw, you look so beautiful." I smiled warmly as they came walking over in their braids-maids dresses.
"You're one to talk, Je'Naye." She smiled warmly at me, before giving me a hug. Je'Naye was had to be one of the most beautiful black woman I have ever seen. She was glowing and looked amazing for someone that was two months pregnant.
"I hope the dress fits well?" She spun around once to show it off to me. "It is, thank you for making sure our dresses were tailor to our bodies, even down to the last stitch." Honey J fixed Je'Naye hair for her a bit.
"Well I want all of us to look beautiful today, not just me." They all turn to smile warmly at me. "Its your day though, you're suppose to stand out." I just closed my eyes, show they could do the make up.
"Lavi-ah, the boys are here, both they came walking in with shades on. Think they drank too much." I lightly laugh, as we both knew that was an understatement. "Unnie, will to please make sure they are at the very least sober, please?"
Hoody hum before going back out the room. "Aw look at my baby sister, I can't believe today you're wedding day... why you gotta beat me and Sammy to the punch." I open my eyes to see Lance in the doorway. "This is my birthday gift to Tyson."
The girls looked surprised, as Lance smiled warmly at me. "Best birthday gift ever... He would be coo-ing over you so much right now." I felt my eyes water, but took a deep breath to calm the water works.
"I'm just bless Simon agree to have it on his birthday." Lance came over and kissed my cheek. "You do know mom is here." We looked at each other through the mirror. "Yeah she's in the door way now." She smiled as she came over to join us.
"Baby girl you look so beautiful." She petted my shoulder before handing me a rectangle box. "This was your grandmothers, I was saving it for you or Sammy's wedding day." I looked over at Lance, before taking it and opening the box.
"This is just my way of saying I do love you Lavi. I'm sorry for being a bad mother, but I am so happy you found that special someone." It was a necklace with a single black pearl. "I remember that necklace, grandma wore it on her wedding. It our family good luck charm."
I smiled warmly, as I held it out to our mother. "Would you help me put it on?" She nodded her head, before taking it out of the box. Luckily my make-up and hair was done. She put the necklace around my neck, which conveniently matched my diamond earrings.
"Looks perfect on you... now its best you get the dress on. The wedding starts in two hours." I nodded, as I got up to go get dress. "Is Lavi in here?" I came out after getting the dress on to see Simon's parents.
"Wow, Lavi-ah you look so beautiful. The dress is going to match this bracelet we got you." Simon's mother came over to me, and took hold of my arm. She put on a very beautiful charm bracelet, that truly did match my outfit.
"This is our gift, and way of welcoming you to our family." I gave my new mother-in-law a hug as she return it. "Gomawo, umma." She kissed my cheek, before taking my hands an patted them. "Lavi-ah, I think we're safe. The boys are sober." Hoody came in to report back to me, on my request. "Thank you unnie... Lets get started than."
They nodded as everyone left me alone in my dressing room. I sat down, and put my hands together to send a pray to my baby brother. Asking for his blessing and to wish him a happy birthday.
My father knocked on the door, making me look up in the mirror. "Its time honey, they're all waiting on you, my beautiful baby girl." I nodded my head, and put my shoes one, before taking his arm. "Time to celebrate my first day being Mrs Jung."
My father playfully pouted, before kissing my cheek as we headed over to the the wedding party. They all paired up, and started to walk down the idle. I felt the water works coming back, as I gripped my father's arm. "You got this, mi hija."
I rest my head on his shoulder for a moment, before walking down the idle. Simon was already there, standing on the right of the minister. He looked over in my direction and I saw the men were still wearing shades.
"JUNG KISEOK! Takes those shades off now or I'll run away." Everyone started to laughed when I barked my order at Simon. "We're not even married yet, and already you're bossing me around." He smiled, as he took his shades off.
"Cause I want the photos to show your handsome face, not the shades." My father gave my hand to Simon and took his shades away from him. "You'll get them back after you say I do." Everyone laughed again, while I stood to the left of the minister, as my father sat beside my mother.
"Well then sh'all we get started?" Simon nodded is head, after taking both my hands in his own. "We are all gathered here today to celebrate these two kids wedding day. I do believe that the bride has written out her very own vows." Simon raised an eyebrow, as I looked down for a moment.
"You actually have no idea how long I've waited for you,
I honestly didn't think I would every find someone that made me feel so loved,
When I was in a coma, and stuck in the hospital or had to leave for the states,
You were the only one that came to mine,
The only one I wanted to run to,
To have children with, and even to Live for.
So when you proposed, I was so happy, that the man I loved,
wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.
I vow to live for you, to die for you, in sickness, health, for richer and poorer.
So please, accept my heart and soul to be yours forever."
Simon just blinked as everyone just waited for him to say or do something. I shook his hands, as I felt the tears roll down my face. "You know the paperwork already done...can I take you on the honeymoon now?" I giggled softly as he smiled back at me.
"Ah man I feel like crap now, I didn't write any vows." I tapped his nose with my index finger, making him chuckles. "I do, and I vow to live for you, to die for you, in sickness, health, for richer and poorer, but as long as you take my heart and soul to be yours as well."
Simon smirked as he used part of my vows. "I do forever." He wipe away my tears, as he wrapped his arm around my waist. "Well then, with that said, I now pronounce you Mr. Jung and Mrs. Jung, since you already have your rings on."
Simon snaked his arm around my waist, to pull me close to him and crushed his lips against mine. Everyone cheered and clapped, whilst he picked me up, without breaking the kiss. "To the reception!" I cheered after breaking the sweet warm kiss.
Everyone followed us inside to the roof top cafe that was now turn into our wedding reception hall. "Nah serious, can you and I just skip this mess?" I stuck my tongue out at Simon, while pointing to our chairs. "Fine but this means I get to bang out hard later." I giggled as snuggled up to my new husband.
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