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For today I will be doing the anime's that I hate. Now I don't particularly think any of this are terrible anime and if you like them fantastic but they don't work for me personally and here's why.

Attack on Titan

Whew boy let's start it out with the series I hate so much I'm boggled as to why I watched it twice (2nd dubbed). This anime no this SERIES was built up with so much hype, I thought I had to partake in it. Boy was I wrong this series feels barely even touches on the dire situation that humanity faces. It grazes it once in a while shortage on gas, shortage of food, or little technology. But it never shows this in mass having to give food in small rations or deploying a small team instead of EVERY DAMN PERSON AVAILABLE it just gives a different message than we're in deep trouble. And after the cool opening the action seemed to just drizzle out for boring conversation which is a real let down, seeing as how the show has these cool swinging shots to really express it's fast action there's very little of it. In fact the only moment that really stands out as "holy sh*t" is when Levi fights the female Titan other than that meh. I had hopes for this and based off of what I'm reading in the manga I can let it all go because this anime isn't getting it's feet off the ground but the PS4 game looks kickass picking that up when it drops.

Sword Art Online

Here's another doozie SAO me and my friend partook in this together from beginning to end with no hype train just our collective thoughts brought together and we both disliked this anime together. The reason why is because it took the entire last half of the first half and based everything before it away. It went from "locked in a video game" with bad ass action and dynamic characters to romantic boring as molasses conversations with what it was sprinkled around...the end of the first half. Then the second half was more of the boring last first half, slow pace with nothing happening an incest angle and an anti climatic ending that middle fingered the fans. The story has a great premise but is squandered and ultimately let's me down as it could have been better like another anime I'll do tomorrow.

My Hero Academia

Now I actually don't fully disliked this one so let me explain. This anime premise is centered on Izuku Midoriya a young boy who wants to become a hero like his idol. However this is the anime's biggest flaw is it's MC. "Deku" has to be the worst MC in the history of main characters, for his entire life he's wanted to be like his idol YET despite him being quirkless he doesn't train, workout, or exercise no all Deku does is write down notes and watch other heroes. It sends a COMPLETELY different message how can somebody want something so bad since they were a child they would do almost anything to become it and yet barely do anything at all to achieve it. The only reason I can believe that he didn't want to train or work to at least be a "Robin" is because the writers gave him a copy of the script and told him "don't worry about it we got you". However everything LITERALLY everything else about this series drips swagger juice, the characters are relatable there powers are logical and inventive, I honestly love each and every OTHER character than the MC because they flesh this series out but the MC being the center of it all really waters down the experience of it all.

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail does so much correctly dramatic character development, dynamic characters with logical motivations, and heartwarming moments that make you tear up every time. However the biggest issue I take with this anime is that every character walks around with plot armor. I can't take any fight seriously when characters just when regardless of how stacked the deck, this takes the drama out of any situation and if you're caught up with the manga you know what I'm talking about it was the biggest middle finger and of course that's just an example as this is about the anime.

One Piece

I started watching One Piece because I loved the dubbed version and it was really good getting to see all the characters all over again and seeing the events I didn't get to in dubbed. However as most know One Piece has a long adventure one of these long dragged out things is the traveling from Island to Island which is really predictable and highly boring. Goto Island problem arises crew goes to stop problem dramatic victory buffet 'o food rinse repeat continue cycle. Every once in a while something different happens like the war but mostly it's the same humdrum predictability with a new twist but as long as we keep getting memorable characters I guess it's ok.

Blue Exorcist

I was really, really hoping this would be good but it didn't hold up. Once again a great premise washed away by slow pace with nothing happening. Exorcist made into anime form c'mon we've seen what they did what with alchemy or something as simple as "toys that could move". I thought they could really breath life into Exorcism and with the lovable characters that we were introduced to I had high hopes and unfortunately those hopes fell flat. This anime started strong with the introduction of Satan and demons creating a dramatic and deadly environment in which the characters live. Even the character who's supposed to be the "savior" is a manipulative demon who's just out to watch a good show and see how things unravel how could it fail? Easily first things first they put the MC on a leash and not in the cool "Inuyasha forced to Kagome's will" no the "You can't do anything because we don't want you to" deal. And it really hurts the anime as a whole every situation they get in could be solved via the MC as like many another anime but instead they make him a back seat driver to his own anime, and yeah he shines at moments beating two familiars and essentially making one his and another his friend I just can't get behind this choice to bench the MC especially when the other characters are so boring with weak motivations. I've never seen such a vast roster of Krillins in my life, wasted potential with sprinkled highlighting moments. Weak character motivations with a slow pace story and what seemed to be watered down colors for it's animation it just could have been better.

My Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too!

Lastly and almost forgot about it but this mess of a second season. Yet another anime I watched with my friend in unison every episode and we both LOVED the first season of SNAFU interesting characters with hilarious yet dramatic sides to them and a proper balance of "will they won't they", Case solving, bringing the best out of each character, and social issues. SNAFU Too! kinda took a heaping dump on all that and just threw romance romance romance romance romance at your face one episode after the other. Even the characters don't know what the hell they're talking about half the time. Discarding everything the previous characters were and replaced with shells of who they once were even opting out of the MC's green hair and dead fish eyes to try and make him a Kirito look alike but ya know with smaller pupils. Some characters characteristics seem to be exaggerated in a full blown sense here like how Yui is dumb or how Yukino is indecisive it only brings out the worst in these characters when you focus on the worst. Episodes play out really weirdly with characters hating each other or disagreeing on really I mean really dumb stuff. This had potential and a great stride from the first season but couldn't deliver on more of what I loved nor did I get a damn relationship out of it? C'mon Hachiman should totally be with Totsuka Saika :3
While I have many others my tablet is dying and I think the train should reach it's final destination for today :) so do you hate me? how much? let me know in the comments below I can't wait to see others cards as I have yet to see any despite the mass joy it seems people got from the challenge and I do mean the loving of other anime. Well when they do pop up I'll give 'em a gander till then take care and thanks for reading :3
@Thatperson512 SAO having romance isn't what broke it for me switching from bad ass characters with logical progression to helpless love sick puppies did and it's awful for it and someone has died in Fairy Tail but once again plot armor
@ZephyrBlaze I agree with a lot of your points here. I absolutely hate attack on Titan for every reason you listed. However I'm going to defend SAO a little. You're right that the second half in the elf world was sub par even though I liked the in the air combat. So only looking at the first half, I think going from the "surviving in a video game" to a more romantic scenario was a good progression. They lived years inside that world and its natural for humans to seek love. However that progression was rushed and should've taken the whole 24 episodes or whatever to get there and had had a more gradual progression Next I LOVE Fairy Tail but I agree that plot makes a lot of the battles lack the ability to make me care just like you said. The best battles are the ones that aren't life or death cuz they feel like they could go either way. Best examples are the Grand Magic Games. If Fairy Tail had gotten second it wouldn't have been that big a deal. Hell Lucy lost her fight. I hoping for a character death soon to resurge the series
I really like the way you put it. . .
I don't really agree with everything, but that's your own opinion, I haven't the right to hate you for it. (But I agree with literally everything you said about sao...)
@HunnaBallue I don't have high expectations in fact I have a very low scale specifically because of anime like this, anime I like would be like Cardfight Season 1 logical progression immediate intrigue and pacing that even when slow gives me a show, why I watch anime? simple I fucking love anime and the series that have really opened up my eyes to a world I could envision myself in
@Thatperson512 actually dragging it out longer would have been worse. It was already established they had feelings for one another but beating you over the head with "they're a couple, they're a couple, they love each other" would have murdered the series and it definitely wouldn't have had a second season (which was bad ass)
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