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Alright, Chapter 18 is here. I hope you enjoy it.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 17
Word Count: 3178
Warning: May contain mild language
Yoongi POV
I groaned and rolled over when my alarm went off. I turned it off and sat up. I was still tired, but I wanted today to be the day I “accidentally” woke up early. I tried to set the alarm loud enough to wake me up, but not loud enough to let Rose know I had set one. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and threw my legs over the side of the bed. I sat for another minute or so as I waited to wake up. When I finally decided I was awake enough, I got up and groomed myself lightly before I left; I didn’t want to look like a slob, but I also didn’t want her to think I was too groomed for just waking up. I sighed and walked out the door. I stood outside Rose’s study. The door was open and I could see her lying on the couch. I couldn’t tell if she was sleeping or on her phone. I knocked on the doorframe, but she didn’t answer.
“Noona?” No response. {Maybe she’s asleep}. I stepped into the room, walked past her desk, and around the coffee table that was in front of the couch. Standing opposite the table from her, I could finally see that she wasn’t asleep. I smiled. {She’s so involved in her book, she doesn’t even know what’s going on around her. She’s in the book’s world}. I watched as her eyes flew over the lines on the pages. {It must be intense for her to be so involved in it}. I knew that I was probably looking creep-status, but I couldn’t help just watching her.
I watched as she turned the page, and another, and another. Sometimes she smiled at what she was reading and sometimes her smile dropped into sadness. One time, she even brought her hand to her mouth and bit on a finger while shaking her head. I’ve never been a big reader, but I was suddenly interested in the book. Her face went through so many emotions: happiness, sadness, sorrow and anguish, disbelief. I wanted to know what brought all those emotions to her face. She looked so beautiful and I was absolutely fascinated by her.
Rose flinched at a passage she was reading and it brought me out of my thoughts. I didn’t know how long I had been standing there, but I decided I probably shouldn’t do it any longer. Who knows when Nina might come up, it was almost lunchtime and I figured Nina might come for Rose since she was not likely to come out of her book by herself.
I walked back around the coffee table so that I was by her head. “Noona.” No response. “Noona.” This time I put my hand on her shoulder. {What the hell?} She still didn’t respond. “Noona.” I shook her shoulder slightly, finally a response. She slowly turned her head to face me while her eyes lingered on the pages. She was like a wanderer in the desert, trying to squeeze out every last drop of water.
“Lunch ready?” Rose asked, still not fully turning her head.
“I’m not sure.” I said. “I just got up.” She tore her eyes from the page to finally look at me. She had a surprised look on her face and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“W-what are you doing up? I thought you were Nina. You scared me.” She finally laughed but she still looked confused. I realized my hand was still on her shoulder so I quickly pulled it back before she could notice. I stepped back as she moved to sit up on the couch.
Ouch!” she yelped, rubbing her shins where they had banged into the glass table that was in front of the couch.
“You okay?” I asked, worried. It looked like she hit the glass pretty hard.
“Yep. Yep. I’m okay.” She said through gritted teeth. Then she said muttered something in English about a dream.
“Nothing,” she said quickly. “Ow.” She grabbed her phone off the table. “It’s about lunch time. Nina’s probably gonna need help soon. But, I’m surprised you’re up. I figured you’d sleep through the day.”
“Me too,” I lied. “But my stomach woke me up. I didn’t realize I’d forgotten to eat this morning.” Also a lie. I did it specifically for this purpose. “I’m sorry though, I didn’t mean to intrude on your book.”
“Ah. It’s fine,” she waved the book. “It was getting a bit intense anyways.”
“I bet.”
“I said ‘a bit?’” {I can’t believe I slipped like that}.
“Ah. Yeah, a bit.” She laughed as she slid a bookmark in and set in on the table. It was in English, but I could read the title, A Thousand Splendid Suns, but I couldn’t read the name of the author, it wasn’t an English sounding same.
“You were pretty wrapped up in it. You were really enjoying it, huh?”
“Yes and no. It is very mmmm…what’s the Korean word… en-thralling?”
“It’s enthralling but you are enjoying and not enjoying it?”
“Yeah. He’s an amazing author, but the things he writes about are sometimes hard to read. It’s pretty brutal sometimes.”
“Then why do you read it?”
“Because life isn’t always fairy-tales and happy stories. Plus, it’s important to learn about history, especially for other cultures. It’s the best way to understand why a person, or collection of persons, are the way they are. By knowing their past, you can better understand their present. And by reading about the bad things that have happened, it gives you a better appreciation for the good things.”
I smiled. “I like that. By knowing someone’s past, you can better understand their present... That also means that in order for other people to understand them, a person must be willing to share their past, right?” I didn’t want to push her, but I hoped that maybe she’d be willing to tell me about what was haunting her. Not today, but someday. She looked down for a moment and then she looked back up, her eyes avoiding mine.
“Perhaps. But sometimes people don’t want to be understood. Sometimes the past is too painful or too far out of the norm for other people to be able to understand them. Sometimes it’s too much.” She was talking about herself. {That’s fine, I won’t push her}.
“Makes sense... but I wish there was a way to let those people know that sometimes there are people willing to listen, able to understand if given the chance...” I coughed. “But anyway, I know I’d be intruding, but would it be possible for me to join you guys for lunch? In return, I’ll buy dinner.”
Rose smiled again. “You don’t need to do that. You’re more than welcome to join us. I will warn you though, it’s leftovers.”
“Leftover what?” I questioned pretending to be wary.
“Come on and find out.” She put the book down and ushered me out the door.
Narrator POV
Yoongi and Rose went down to the kitchen and were greeted with the smell of garlic. They both breathed the smell deeply and sighed. When they realized they had done it simultaneously, they both laughed. They walked into the kitchen still laughing and Nina eyed them with a smirk on her face.
You guys coming in together, huh?” Nina yelped as Rose pinched her side.
I was reading my book, Yoongi woke up, we came down. That’s it. Knock it off before he gets the wrong idea,” Rose whispered forcefully in Nina’s ear.
Don’t you mean, before he gets the right idea?” Nina winked.
At a regular speaking level, Rose asked, “Why didn’t you get me? I could’ve helped.”
Ahhh, well, I just figured, it only takes one to reheat the patties,” she said gesturing to the sizzling pan in front of her. “And the condiments are already prepared from last night. Why don’t you start getting the plates and such out while these finish?” Rose made a noise of agreement and starting getting plates and cups out.
At the edge of the kitchen, Yoongi asked, “Is there anything I can help with?”
“No, no. Just—you can sit. Enjoy. You’re guest.” Nina said. Yoongi continued to stand until Rose came back to the table.
“Yoongi. Sit. Relax.” Rose pulled a seat out and pushed Yoongi down to sit on it. He laughed and she stared at his smile while she set the table. She tried to look away before she could get caught, but Nina was watching her and Yoongi saw her out of the corner of his eye. It gave him a small bit of hope.
“So, what is it anyway? It looks like burgers, but it doesn’t smell like it.”
“It’s Julie’s recipe.” Rose replied. “Garlic turkey burgers. They’re heaven on a bun.”
“Smells like it.”
While Nina put the patties on a plate, Rose brought the rest of the condiments out of the fridge. “Good thing I always make too much, right Nina?”
Yep. Now there’s enough to share.”
Nina sat next to Rose who sat across from Yoongi. They loaded their burgers and dug in. There was no conversation as the three scarfed down the food.
“You would think—that we would—not eat in months.” Nina sighed as she leaned back in her chair.
“I never thought I’d be so happy to eat leftovers,” Yoongi copied Nina’s posture.
Rose completed the trifecta as she joined them, “I know, right?" All three of them sighed together and then laughed.
“You know, Yoongi-sshi,” Nina spoke up, “when I first—meet you guys, I was—worried little about you. You seemed very...” she turned the Rose and asked how to say something. Rose hit her and said “knock it off”. “Just wait for me to finish. Tell me how to say it.” Rose sighed and then Nina continued. “You seemed very cold—reserved. Actually, you were—pretty...rude.” Yoongi’s face tinged pink from embarrassment as he tried to reply. “Let me finish. That’s what I thought first. But, Rose said different. And now I see. You are...cautious. But you warm up, right?” Yoongi smiled with a different kind of embarrassment. “I’m glad—for Rose—to have friend like you. She acts—to be strong—but she is like her name. Past the—thorns—she’s still a flower. Fragile. I was worried. But not anymore. I approve.”
Approve of what?” Rose whispered threateningly to Nina.
“Umm...Thanks.” Yoongi rubbed his neck with his cheeks still pink. “I know that I tend to be...standoffish when I meet people. But I didn’t realize how it came off until Rose and I talked about it. I am glad that I was able to change your perspective of me and that I was able to get your approval. Though, I don’t know what for, but I’m taking it as a good thing.”
“It is a good thing.” Nina replied patting Rose’s shoulder conspiratorially. “Anyway, I’ll clean up. You guys, do whatever you do.” She laughed.
Rose rolled her eyes. “Thanks, Nina.” She stood up and put her plate in the sink. Yoongi joined her.
“Thank you both for the delicious lunch. It was amazing.”
“You’re welcome. Eat with us any time.” Nina winked at him.
Rose and Yoongi went back upstairs, stopping in the hallway outside Rose’s study.
“Are you going back to bed?” Rose asked.
“I’m not sure if I can after that meal,” Yoongi laughed. Rose joined him.
“True, true.”
“So what are you going to do? Go back to reading?”
“Oh, well, I was, but if you’re going to be up, I can do something else. If there’s something you want to do I mean. Like watch a movie or play a game or whatever.”
“Got any good movies?”
“Pssh.” Rose scoffed. “Do I have any good movies...jeez. What do you take me for?” They both started laughing again. She gestured for him to go to her study ahead of her. “I have Netflix and Amazon for movies and my DVDs are downstairs. We can watch downstairs if you want a better screen or surround sound.”
“Up here’s fine. Probably not good to try to compete with whatever Nina is doing.” {And it’s closer quarters up here. We’re less likely to be bothered too}.
“Okay, let me bring it up on my computer and you can pick whatever.” Ten minutes later, they decided on a movie.
“Oh, hold on, I forgot something. Give me a second,” Yoongi said as he hurried towards the guest bedroom. He came back with a small box in his hand. He sat back down next to Rose and held it out to her without looking at her.
“What is it?” Rose asked while she delicately held the box in her hands.
“Open it and see.” Rose opened the box and took in a sharp breath.
“W-what’s this for?” She asked peering at him. Yoongi looked back at her and took the box out of her hand.
“I wanted to thank you,” he removed the necklace from the box and unclasped it, “for letting me come over and take up your space and time. For helping us out on our music. And for being a really good...friend.”
“Yoongi, you didn’t need to do that. I can’t accept something like this.” Rose couldn’t take her eyes off of the pendant. She thought it was so beautiful, but there was no way she could accept it. Not only did she not deserve a gift like that, but there was no way she could keep her feelings in check if she allowed him to buy her jewelry.
“You have to. We always give gifts to people who help us on our work. I’m giving it to you because you’ve helped me and Namjoon more than the others, but you’ve also helped me personally with getting to be well-rested. And if you’re worried about the price, don’t. It wasn’t that expensive. It’s just a small token of appreciation. May I?” He held the necklace out as if to put it on her.
Rose was still hesitant about taking it but before she could protest again, Yoongi was reaching around her neck to clasp it. She held her breath as his face got close to her. She tried hard to keep herself from blushing, and pretty much succeeded. He pulled back and smiled as he admired how it looked on her. He leaned close to her again as he gently pulled her hair to rest over the necklace chain. Rose quietly let out her held breath.
“Th-thanks.” Yoongi wasn’t 100% sure of the reason why she was stuttering, but he hoped it was from nervousness. If she was nervous, that had to mean that she felt something.
“You like it?”
“Yeah, it’s beautiful,” she admired as she held the silver pendant. {Yes, you are}, Yoongi thought as he admired her. “But why a dream catcher?” she asked as she looked at him quizzically.
“They’re a good luck charm in your country, right?” He couldn’t let her know that he knew about her nightmares. “Someone said that they catch good dreams to make your wishes come true.”
Rose looked at him starting to feel suspicious. “Actually, it’s that they catch bad dreams and only allow good dreams to come through while you sleep.” She watched his reaction.
“Oh?” He may not be the best actor, but he could act when he needed too. “I didn’t know that. I guess that’s what I get for listening to a Korean about foreign charms.” Rose’s suspicion was wavering but Yoongi could see that she still wasn’t completely convinced. He took the box off the table. “Should I return it? I can get something else.”
Rose grabbed the pendant defensively. “No, it’s ok. I like it.” Yoongi smiled, pleased that she both liked it and that the last bit of suspicion was washed off her face.
“Ok then, it’s settled. Should we watch the movie now?” They both smiled and faced the TV. Rose was still grasping the pendant.
An hour later, Nina snuck up to check on them and found them both sleeping. They were sitting upright but their heads where lying against the back of the couch and leaning towards each other. Between them was enough space for a person to sit down, but in order for that person to sit down, they would have to move Yoongi’s and Rose’s hands and heads. They weren’t touching, but both their heads and one of each of their hands were separated by only an inch or so.
Nina snuck in quietly and took a picture. {This is definitely one to save for when they get married. Then I can say, ‘I told you so even back then’}. She smiled as she stood there for a minute. She did the same thing she had seen Yoongi do just an hour or so earlier. {I know they would be perfect for each other. If she could just get over her fears and as long as he could accept her past}.
When she saw Yoongi in Rose’s study earlier and then when she saw them downstairs, she knew Yoongi wasn’t just playing with Rose. In her past, Nina had been through bad relationships and she was always afraid of the same thing happening to Rose. {But Yoongi really cares about, if not loves, her. I can see it every time he looks at her, even if the poor girl is too blind with fear to allow herself to see it. But Rose’s past is a different matter. If Yoongi loves her, then maybe there’s a chance for him to see past it. But even perfect, long-term relationships have fallen apart with less pressure than having a past like hers}. Nina sighed as she walked out of the room. {I’m going to do whatever I can to find out what kind of person he is. If he finds out and is unable to accept it, while it may not be a betrayal, it would hurt Rose just as badly, if not worse. I have to do this for her. She deserves this much, finally. Both I and life in general owe her too much}.
Nina turned on the TV and lowered the volume to make sure she didn’t wake the other two. {Rose hadn’t been whimpering or fidgeting in her sleep. Either she just went to sleep and it hadn’t started yet or he really is her lucky charm}. She smiled and hoped it was the latter one. Nina watched TV and lost track of time until she saw it was almost dinnertime. {I’ll go wake them up now. Yoongi mentioned something about buying dinner and I won’t pass that up}. Just as she started to climb the stairs, the doorbell rang. {Who in the world...} She went back down the stairs and opened the door. {Oh shit...}
Is Rose home?” Namjoon asked. The rest of BTS were waiting anxiously behind him.
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