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As we all know, fans don't normally want their idols to date, whether it be an idol or not, but according to sources, fans want Sojin of Girl's Day to date! She is much older than most kpop idols, but she still knows how to look good and rock a stage! I'm actually happy to hear that fans want an idol to date. Although I admire and adore idols like any other fan, I actually want idols to date. Yes, that includes BTS, EXO, Astro, and Monsta X. In a way, to me, it makes them seem more normal; more human. We typically idolize our... idols and we want them all for ourselves, but we sometimes forget that they are around our age. Well I'm 17, so the ones I like are AROUND my age. I mean, if they weren't idols, I'm pretty sure they'd be in high school or college, (possibly) with a girlfriend/boyfriend. I actually like the idea of dating because it's part of life experiences. Seeing what you like in a person, figuring out how a relationship works, when to make sacrifices, etc. it's sad to think that some idols have never been in that kind of relationship before. The likelihood of idols having been in a romantic relationship depends on the generation of the group really. We all know G-Dragon has had relationships. I think it's also safe to say that an EXO member has probably been in a relationship before too. But what about BTS? And Astro? Freaking Sanha was born in the year 2000! I'm his Noona for crying out loud! I think it's awesome that fans are really encouraging Sojin to go out and date. I'd feel bad for her if it turns out she had never had been in a romantic relationship before. She's already in her early 30's now and it really is hard to find something genuine in this line of business whether it's in South Korea or in America.

Do you think being an idol is depriving kpop stars of life experiences? Why do you think people get upset when idols start to date?

You are a very mature 17yr old. Idols sacrifice their whole social development for their craft. Most of them start training in grade school, which is the last time most of them had a 'date'. Fans for some absurd reason think they personally own an Idol. It makes me so angry that these guys are not allowed to experience the basic emotions, like falling in love without fear of losing everything. I can only imagine how lonely they must be. Yes, it possible to feel totally alone in a crowd of people. Look at how ELF treated Sungmin when he got married, it was disgraceful and embarrassing. As fans, we should only want our idols to be happy. It's fun to ship them with others but that is your fantasy, not theirs. I wish there were more fans who actually wished their idols happiness, no matter who it is with.
I want them to date when they feel ready to date and when they can fully devote the time it takes to be in a relationship. Most are on the road and can't really focus on another person let alone themselves,but if they do start dating I'll gladly support them and hope for the best
You've got a good head on your shoulders. I am glad I wasn't alone on this subject. Cheers~!
I okay with most idols dating....As long as it's the person I ship with them.... 😏😏 Or me..... 😏😏😏😏