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Fifty-third Group: A.Cian (Asia of Ace + Musician)
Debuted: September 28th, 2012
Latest Comeback: March 23rd, 2016
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Members: (4)
Name: Seo Seung Hyun
Stage Name: Jungsang
Birthday (Year only): 1990
He is a vocalist.
Name: Chu Hyuk Jin
Stage Name: Hyukjin
Birthday: 1992
He is a vocalist.
Name: Im Sang Hyun
Stage Name: Sanghyun
Birthday: 1992
He is a vocalist and a rapper.
Name: Ma Jin Young
Stage Name: Jin-O
Birthday: 1993
He is the Maknae and a vocalist.

Former Members:

Name: L/N/A Woo Tae Stage Name: U-Tae
Birthday: 1987
He was a vocalist.
Name: Kim Seul Gi
Stage Name: Seulgi
Birthday: 1987
He was the Leader and a vocalist.
Name: Lee Chan Hee
Stage Name: Chanhee
Birthday: 1988
He was a vocalist.
Fun Fact:
You can check him out in the duo Fri.D he is now in.
Name: Jang Ung Sik
Stage Name: Crooge
Birthday: 1988
He was a rapper.
Name: Kim Tae Gyu
Stage Name: Hidden
Birthday: 1989
He was a vocalist and a rapper.
Fun Fact:
You can check him out in the duo Fri.D he is now in.
Name: Lee Ui Jin
Stage Name: Lo-J
Birthday: 1990
He was also the Leader at one point and a rapper.
Name: Lee Se Hee
Stage Name: Sehee
Birthday: 1991
He was a vocalist.
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Lo-J and Crooge were my biases but now it is Jin-O . my favorite songs from A.Cian are Driving and Ouch
a year ago·Reply
As of right now I've only checked out their latest MV fully. I like Jin-O or Hyukjin the most so far!
a year ago
I've heard their music and enjoyed it a lot!
a year ago·Reply
I never heard of them before their last comeback (Touch). Didn't know that they had so many members. Thanks for this card. ♡
a year ago·Reply
@TerraToyaSi I hadn't heard of them before their latest comeback either. So whenever I looked up their profile and saw all the former members I was surprised!
a year ago·Reply
Love them!! One of my favorite YouTube finds! ❤❤ Please tag me in future cards. 😁
a year ago·Reply
@EliseB Okay! You should be tagged starting the next card!
a year ago