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WARNING! °Angst °Smut °rated M °foul language °boyxboy °readerxidol ☆proceed with caution♢


Bobby and you had been best friend for so long but after summer break was over, things weren't the same and secret were keep. but what happen when you find out the secret that your best friend sleeping with your middle school bully!? who's also a boy! a story about Bobby and b.i but you involved. a love triangle in a very twisted way. 》Need to catch up《 ° part 15 ° Part 14 ☆new to the story ☆ ° part 1 ° preview
it happen like this..... the moment fate decided to make our paths cross and stop right front of each other was when our life changed for that moment on. at first I didn't care who he was nor did I knowledge his existence. untilI I found out that he was someone (y/n) cherish so I used him just to break her not care if I broke him too. but that all changed during summer break when bobby kissed me near the quiet calm lake on an early morning. it was then i started falling for him; but I knew it wasn't right to have these strange and exotic thought and feeling about someone of the same sex. it disgusting and a sin I refuse to make but the more I tried to avoid it the more my body yearn for it. And everything that I once hated about Bobby; his smile the sound of his voice, his lame jokes, his odd random out burst and most of all the way his eyes glisten so vibrantly when he laugh so earnestly became everything that i love about him. we fell in love so deep it was like a drug addiction we wanted more of it and became greedy. but it changed when our family began to know when his father beat him til his bleed and when my mother cried and said "Where did I go wrong in raising you" and sent me to USA our love was ended without even a single goodbye and the promise we made to stay together forever no longer exists. but it all happen so fast we didn't expect any of it to hurt this bad...I was in pain while he was okay.... I thought I was over him that I didn't care anymore but when I saw him with her it felt like everything just started to crumb. but even after all of the pain and regret our hearts continued to call for each other. no matter how much we tried to deny it we couldn't stop it... and the moment we finally realized it.... "B.I!" "ANDWAE!" "oh my God!" "Bobby!!" The loud sound of honking followed by a white bright blinding light flashes and with one last breath of air "mianhae" might be a moment to late... "I never thought that I'd end up losing you..." "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.... mianhae" "Please wake up!"
alright guys it happening it's really happening!!! im so excited and I will try to post the full one by tonight or tomorrow xD lol but I'm almost finished with part 15 just thought I'd tease a little XD
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you really going to do me this way.. you really going to have one get hit aren't you 😢😨
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you killing me love
Can't wait for more.
damn girl now I just want to go re read all of them. I like where it's going.
lol I'm sorry xD