Plot: part 4 of Back Up. You finally get a day off from the endless practice, but after a mishap at the club… guess who decides to show up as your knight in shining armor?
The following few days were not as easy breezy as anyone hoped. You all had slaved away at the choreographies from dusk until down in preparation for the upcoming JYP Nation concert. You swear you might as well be a member of Got7 at this point, having to had learn two sets of choreography: all their choreos to their title songs, and to the couple dance portion. It was now about 5 days away from the JYP Nation concert, and to let off a little steam and maybe pent up frustrations, JYP and the head choreographer decided to allow all the dancers to go out for a night. He even allowed those who were of age to go to the club as long as everyone kept their cool and didnt garner any unneeded attention. You and your roomie were especially excited to go out. I mean, you both dance for a living but thats different from going out and just dancing to your own rhythm and not to choreography. You both got all gussied up and headed out for a night on the town. You kept it classy and wore a mid-length fitted black dress with a slight slit up the thigh and a high neckline. You worked hard for the body you had and you werent gonna go out on your one night on the town in a frumpy dress. You glanced at yourself in the mirror and smirked to yourself, you were damn proud. All the dancers headed over to the club separately and agreed to meet up outside. Once there, everyone couldnt stop complimenting you for how you looked, much to your embarrassment. You hated being bombarded with compliments because you never knew how to respond. Upon entrance, you all beelined to the bar, ready for a drink or two… or a couple. You leaned over the bar counter, calling over the bartender. A round of shots for all of us, please you motioned to your group. Of course he smiled at you. You turned to chat with your friends as you waited for the shots and turned to find them waiting for you on the counter. You handed the bartender your card and he waved it away, Its on the house… for a pretty lady like you, I could never make you pay he winked before walking off. Your friends stared at you in awe, Mmmmm see, these are the perks of having Y/N around a fellow dancer joked. You smacked him in the arm, handing out the shots to all your friends. You all clinked your glasses, cheering to a great night. You may or may not have decided a couple more shots for yourself… and a drink… but it was your first night out in a long time. You made your way to the dance floor, pulling on your friends hand as you dragged her down the stairs with you. You felt the bass pounding in your chest as the music pumped loudly through the club. You excused yourself to get another drink and instantly found yourself at the bar. Maybe you were drunker than you expected but the bar seemed a lot closer than you had imagined. You glanced around, trying to get yourself together, taking in your surroundings.
You leaned over the counter and called the same bartender over again. He happily took your order and quickly returned with a mojito in hand. You handed him your card and again, he waved it away. What? Again? you laughed. I told you, its on the house he grinned. Oh come on, take my money How about your number instead? he joked. Oh, you sly dog you laughed heartily. But he just shook his head laughing and walked off. Maybe you had just grown aware of it or it had actually just happened, but you could feel someones arm wrapped around your waist. None of the dancers were that close to you nor were you meeting any beaus here tonight so you wrinkled your face in disgust and looked up. Look guys, I caught myself a hot one you heard someone snicker. You turned your head to find the greasiest looking creep to be the owner of the unwanted arm around your waist. You knew for a fact you didnt know him and stepped back, peeling his arm off you. Excuse me? you stared at him incredulously. Oh come on, babe. Dont be like that he cooed, grabbing your wrist tightly. His two buddies walked off, laughing to each other, leaving you two alone. Were you about to become one of those victims?! The ones that are taken advantage of because you made the mistake of getting too drunk?! You tried to snatch your wrist back but his grip was firm. You turned your head, scavenging the crowd for one of your friends. Someone, ANYONE, HELP. Whats a pretty girl like you doing by yourself at the bar, hmm? Is your boyfriend in the bathroom? How about we get out of here? he was whispering in your ear, but your skin was crawling with him near you. No! you struggled to snatch your wrist back. Come on now, dont make a scene he gritted through his teeth. Let go of me you shouted before you saw a hand clamp down on the grease balls arm. Is there a problem here? you followed the arm up to the owners face. J-Jaebum? you stammered. Yeah, this little broad is giving me a bit of a hard time the grease ball looked to you, he clicked his teeth looking at you. This broad? he repeated in disgust, You mean my girlfriend? Jaebum gritted through his teeth, tightening his grip on the guys arm. O-Oh, youre g-g-girlfriend? My bad, man. Its all a misunderstanding he let go of your wrist and stood up. Just get the fuck out of here Jaebum glared at him, watching him leave. You couldnt say anything. Not now, especially. Jaebum looked at you with an exhausted expression and gently grabbed your hand. What? you asked while you didnt budge as he tugged on your hand. Just come with me he explained calmly. You nodded, sipping your drink as you slowly trailed behind him. You had never seen him so calm. He usually seemed so on edge or like he was ready to scold someone, but he seemed so calm and gentle now.
He led you out to the dark patio where only the security stood. You could tell he was upset for some reason, but he was holding back. What… you murmured as you stared at him pacing back and forth. Im just… its nothing he muttered, sighing. Deep down, Jaebum was seething. But he had no right to blow up, about anything really. Technically, you were supposed to be nothing to him, but he was actually really upset about the whole situation. What wouldve happened if he hadnt shown up? He knows you can handle yourself, but that situation was getting out of hand. Are you… upset? you asked carefully. This intoxicated you was a lot less brash than the sober you that wouldnt even give Jaebum the time of day, let alone a second glance. You were inebriated to say the least, but you understood the gravity of the situation. Im not upset… Im just peeved. That guy was such a creep. And I dont want to make this about me, but what wouldve happened if I didnt show up? He wasnt taking no for an answer, I just he slammed his fist down on the table, startling you. So… is that supposed to be my fault…? you raised an eyebrow. No he held his forehead, Youre drunk. Not that you dont have any right to be, but he did it because you were he pinched between his eyes. He didnt know how to phrase his words without sounding overbearing. I just if youre dressed like that, guys cant Whoa whoa, the way Im dressed has nothing to do with this I know. I just dont know how to phrase it. But you just have to be careful, some guys cant control themselves and they just Jaebum. I appreciate you coming to save me, but I really dont need to be lectured right now. I hope you know that you saving me doesnt mean I owe you anything, right? Of course not he stuck his hands in his pocket. Okay… well… thank you though you mumbled. He nodded in response, kicking a rock at his foot. Whatre you doing here, anyway? you raised an eyebrow, I thought only the dancers could go out tonight you questioned his presence. Just because Im an idol, doesnt mean I dont sneak out every once in a while he chuckled. It was the first time you saw him so carefree, he didnt seem so tense. You snorted in response before trying to hold back to a yawn. Should we get out of here? he asked after looking at you yawn, glancing at the time. I… dont…. what about everyone else? you asked. Do you wanna stay here with them or go home? he asked you with a soft, concerned tone. Mmm, Ill say goodbye to everyone then I can take a taxi home, I guess you contemplated. Ill take you home he offered, I didnt drink he assured you. Why are you being so nice to me… you muttered. I cant do something nice? I always have to be the bad guy? he laughed. Okay… thanks, again, I suppose you murmured. He grabbed your hand and led you back inside before you snatched your hand back.
Whatre you doing? you asked him. What? he looked at you confused. You could have fans in there, you know you looked at him incredulously, or waiting for you out front. He glanced off, thinking if he recalled anyone staring at him differently, and nodded, Youre right You bid farewell to your friends, making up a lie about feeling sick and calling a taxi to take you home. The last thing you needed was the dancer community to assume something was going on between you and Got7s leader. You made sure your roomie would be safe for the night before walking out the back, with Jaebum waiting for you in the shadows of the club. You nodded at him and you both headed out towards his car. You both silently entered the car and headed off towards your apartment, you two only speaking to give him directions to your place. He stopped in front of your building and parked the car. Do you need me to walk you up? he asked reaching for his seatbelt. No you answered quickly, Im fine. Thank you for the ride No problem. Rest up, Ill see you tomorrow he rested his wrist limply at the top of the steering wheel. Tomorrow? you looked at him confused. Practice? he raised an eyebrow. Ah, thats right you nibbled on your lip, worrying about your hangover for tomorrow, Well Ill see you then you gave him a slight smile. See you, good night he called out as you shut the door. Night you waved goodbye as you walked up the front steps. You went up to your apartment and lied in bed exhausted, even still in your clubbing attire in complete shock at how tonight went down. You werent expecting to have such a bad then weird experience. You shook the thought out of your head and shut your eyes. You shouldnt overthink anything. Especially not what went down tonight. Before you knew it, your exhaustion washed over you and you fell asleep. You contemplated what youd say to Jaebum at the next practice. If you should say anything, even. There was that dumb rule but not speaking unless spoken to, but after all those instances, I think you were close enough to start a conversation with him since he started every other one before that. Before practice, you spotted Jaebum with his members. Yeah, I got up to get water and I saw hyungs bed was empty… then the little rascal comes sauntering through the front door at 3am Yugyeom explains to his members in exasperation, causing them to laugh. You glanced at Jaebum, and nodded your head at the vending machine hallway. He met you out there, hoping not to grab anyones attention. You kept your voice low and exhaled deeply.Look, thank you for practically saving me yesterday you began, but he interrupted as he spotted people walking passed. Its no problem he whispered back, but dont mention it again, no one knows where I went out last night he explained. You nodded, But I was gonna say, lets just… put it behind us, you know. Lets pretend it never happened you stood straight, trying to maintain a level of professionalism here. I understand. But… he looked down as he put his hands in his pockets, How am I supposed to forget how good you looked in that dress? And besides, if I lost you last night, Id be at a loss of a dance partner, right? Cant risk that he winked before walking off to talk with the choreographer. You stood there pretty dumbfounded. You couldnt explain it nor understand it, but you could almost feel your heart changing towards Jaebum. Maybe he wasnt so bad after all AH, whatre you saying?! You definitely couldnt let your guard down now.