Hello, I haven't updated this story in such a long time, people have already forgotten about it, but I will start updating this story as much as possible now, I already have half of chapter 5 written so please look forward to it ☺️
Well if your ready, let's go great your fathers friend, your mom said while pulling you by your hand "Okay!" You said with a smile As you where coming down the stair you saw a really handsome man, and next to him was his beautiful wife, that had the greatest skin possible. "Hi nice too meet you my name is Y/N" said while giving them both a small hug. "Ah it's a pleasure to finally meet you Ms.Y/N" the man said "Yes it really is, and she's a lot prettier than we had imagined" the women added who smiling at you. Feeling a little awkward you turned your attention to the door, and saw Namjoon *Inside Y/N's head* What? Namjoon? What is he doing here? What's going on? Namjoon is in my house? Why?how? What?!? "Ahm.... Excuse me?" Namjoon said "Huh?" You said before noticing he was stretching his hand to you "Oh! Yeah hi" you said with a bright smile. He just gave you a weird look, and left to where his parents were at. "Y/N, sweetie close your mouth" What's Going on?!?
Namjoon POV I heard my parents saying hi to some girl, my mom sure does like to complement people. Who's that girl? I think I've seen her some where, oh well I've got to go say hi. " Hi nice too meet you I'm Namjoon" I said but she won't stop staring, and her mouth is open a fly might go in, I'll try again "Hello nice to meet you I'm Kim Namjoon" again no reaction and she has the same stupid look on her face, Is she on drugs?! Argh! This is annoying "Ahm!" Finally she came back to earth. "Huh?!" She said, can't she just shake my hand it's starting to hurt. "Oh!, yeah hi!" She said, what a weird girl, didn't even told me her name, but I have seen her some where. I wonder where?
At Dinner Namjoon's parents, and you're just talk about business, trips they have taken, and more business. The dinner would've been a lot more fun if you knew what they were talking about, also if you could make a conversation with Namjoon but every time you tried too he would brush you away with a short answer. Such as "Yeah" , "okay", and "Fine". You wonder was this guy just boring, or did he not like you?! As you were in deep taught, your mother interrupted by calling your name "Y/N!, honey pay attention we are about to tell you something very important" she said "The reason why we wanted both of you to attend this dinner, was because we have something we should tell you" your father added looking both at you and Namjoon. "Yes, this concerns your future" Mr.Kim said. "Well as you both know the four of us have been really close friends since our high school days" Mrs.Kim said. You nodded confused as to where this was going. "Yes, and during those days we made a deal....umm more like a contract, that we would want to become a family" your mom said before adding "by marrying our children!" She said with the brightest smile. You just nodded, and smile at her as well. Until it finally hit you "What?!!" You Said making everyone jump by your sudden outburst. "It's as your mother said, Y/N you and namjoon have been engaged since before you were born" Mr.Kim said while looking at a really upset Namjoon.
please update soon I really love this and the waiting has been killing me ︶︿︶
@SindyHernandez I'm sorry ive been a little slow with my updates on this story, but after I'm done with part 5 I will make part 6, also I will post part 5 within this week, Promise😊 please look forward to it