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Hello Everyone, it's Me, Zi-Mon.
This Zico sunday, we're going to Go over a Sensitive issue, But we're Going to Talk about it a little bit today.
I'm Going to be very honest with you guys. I'm Very Happy For Zico! I really am! I'm so glad that he is happy and Not alone.
But at the Same time, I feel saddened by the news.
He's my Baby. It's hard not to be saddened a little bit by it. Even though I don't want him to be alone forever.
Seolhyun, I hope you know how special Zico is to us. Please take good Care of him. We all love and Care about him so Much and Don't want to see him Get hurt.
For those who are saddened by the news, here are some words of Comfort, You are Not alone. your Sadness is Completely understandable, and do you know what? it's Okay to have these emotions, But I'm going to ask you for your Sake, Please don't take it too Far...
Please don't Hurt yourself over something like this. You will find someone who Will adore You very Much, and Vice versa. You are all wonderful and Amazing People. it's not the end of the world, and for Zico's Sake, Please don't Hurt yourself. he wouldn't want you going out and doing something to yourself because of him. it would make him feel really bad.
and please Remember that we didn't loose him. He's Still our Zico, and no Matter what, He'll always be our Zico.
I hope this card has been comforting to you. I Love you guys so Much! *Hugs* Everything is Going to be alright. Zi-Mon is Here.
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Awee you are seriously the sweetest person ever! But I am seriously happy for Zico and glad he found someone I wish them happiness * I also personally love seeing idols date* Even if hurts a little as long as they are happy is all that matters
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@Junhwanbae92 Thank you. πŸ€— I try my best to be a good mod.
I'm so happy for Zico too! There is nothing wrong in finding that person you hope is the one to make you happy. Not everyone is that lucky to have that chance. I wish them both luck and lots of happiness ☺
I'm really glad this card got made. He is my bias in block b and he's just generally amazing but he deserves happiness. I wish them the best
Am I the only one that moves on by Finding a replacement lol Not saying Zico isnt my bias anymore but I just add another bias in my life to fill in the empty gap of saddness he left when he started dating. Just have to remember there are plenty of bias out there πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ‘Œ
@SusiBosshammer no. You're not the only one. I completely understand. I do it too. It's not that I don't love Zico anymore. What I normally do is find a bias to focus on more so that I can fill that gap. In my opinion, it's Always a good idea to have an emergency backup bias so you don't get your emotions hurt too much. There are a lot of good biases out there.πŸ˜„