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Good Morning everyone. Did you watch B.A.P vapp? I did and it was how can I say, the best 1 min 50 sec ever. It starts with these two darlings. YoungJae your hair is blonde now, not as orange.. Sad face That cotton candy hair though, I wanna do that to mine
Oh? Who is that? Peniel is that you? Why hello there sir.
This is one friendship that I see, and want all the time. It's B.A.P bae and BTOB bae. My two biases in the same room together and they are ok with each other!
oh Hi mom! Here use this small blue fan to cool yourself down. It's hot in the room with these two together
....if I ever dye My hair I will use Daehyun as a refrence
Awesome 😂
BTOB seems to be be friends with all the different boy groups.