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1. I'm 5'1 1/2
2. I love Asian culture.
3. I want to learn Japanese, Tagalog, and Korean.
4. I'm very shy when I first met people.
5. My nicknames are Chi-Chi and Panda.
6. I'm half Filipino, a quarter White, and a quarter Black.
7. I love to listen to music.
8. I was in band in the first half of 6th grade and in 7th grade.
9. I played the flute and oboe.
10. I have written a lot of anime fanfiction.
11. I look younger than I am.
12. I love when people play with my hair, it feels nice.
13. I don't like spicy food except for curry.
14. I add curry powder to my ramen.
15. I'm not very good at listing facts about myself. lol
Definitely Chanyeol of EXO. He's outgoing and cheerful so he'd make you feel less shy. He dislikes spicy food so you could share food. He plays multiple instruments so he'd think it was cool that you were in band in middle school. Also, the huge height difference would be adorable (and being 5'2" myself I know how fun it is to hug people who are way taller)!
Maybe Seungyoun from UNIQ?