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I can't say enough about this to show how much I absolutely died from watching this. Not only the music video, but also watching the V Live for the hour before its release, and the live performance of this song, all made me realize. It shouldn't be called Fantasy, but rather, Ecstasy... Along with the amazing Fantasy came the stunning live performance of Love Me Do, and sadly not performed but still amazing, Butterfly Effect. This is one of the best albums I've seen come out of Vixx, it's really so great, and their lyrics are becoming more and more mature which is also something I'm really enjoying ☺️
Also, I haven't slept yet in anticipation for this release, and now I'm barely alive from the aftermath. I keep feeling like I'm going to black out xD but I'm so full of energy that I'm shaking and my heart is pounding. Also, I got a nice little mark on my lip now from the attempt to not wake up my entire neighborhood lmao But I'm a survivor! I shall live on, with this album playing on a loop non stop to keep me going for a while to come heheh. Have a good day all! I think it's high time I retire to my bed now seeing as Vixx has kept me up to what is now 8 in the morning with no sleep πŸ’™ No Regrets lmao