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When you neglect your Bias Group.
June: Someone has been paying to much attention to other groups/guys lately.
I don't know what you are talking about I am innocent...
June: You sure about that?
Ummm Maybe?
* Dies* You didn't have to straight up attack me guys!
But wait what is this? OMG!!! You guys are seriously trying to kill me!!
That is it I am officially dead.. Thank you ikon for attacking me constantly since Kcon until I died..
June: Don't make us jealous then.
* Dies*
So if you neglect your bias group too much they will find out and come after you!
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
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oh wow. that's nice. Shelby likesss
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-Dead- Bye lifeu! ✋👋✋👋😍😍😍
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