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Title: No Breathing This is like the Korean Version of Free! XD It only has 3 chapters, the scanlation group that translate this said that it's complete but other manga sites said its ongoing haha. And its last update was 3 years ago (TT)(TT) But the good thing is that it has a movie with the same title but I haven't watched it YET XD
The only difference is that they're just 4 so far? XD
Meet the Characters
Rin Counterpart? xD
This is haru loljk he hates swimming oops spoilerr
And some eye candy for the ladies <3
what is it on? webtoon?
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it's a webtoon like colored manga xD u can find it on manga sites :) @kpopaddict16
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Its not yaoi they said Its a straight manga/anime they said straight my ass they are gay and I ship it
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oh. mY. GOD YES!!
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