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Hello everyone! Jiji here! I'm SO excited to bring you GOTW again starting TOMORROW! Yes TOMORROW!
What's this card for? Well, I asked you awesome people to message me if you wanted to help me out with GOTW and I got some wonderful people on a team now!
So this card is to introduce them to you!
So lemme get to introducing the amazing team who will help me bring you more GOTW fun!
First up: @AmberRelynn
Say hi everyone!
She will be posting an intro at some point letting you all know what she is in charge of!
Super excited to have you on the team lovey! I know you'll work hard and help me make GOTW even better than before! Give her some love bebes
Next up: @MelissaGarza
Say hey guys!
She will also post an intro when she's able to so look out for hers too!
I'm so excited to have you on my team darling! I know you'll give it your all and help me bring more fun to GOTW! Give loves bebes!
Lastly we got: @Bwolfgirl
Be sure you look for her intro when she gets it up!!
I'm super excited to have you on the team love! I know you'll bring fun and help make GOTW even better! Send lots of love guys!
I will be handling the main GOTW cards (Group info and such) and Member cards (Member info and such)
I'm super excited for all of this so please show love to the wonderful ladies helping me out with GOTW!!! I will see you loves, tomorrow!