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It has gotten to the point Where I cannot picture doing anything Without you Just the mere thought Sends shivers down my spine And straight into my soul How affected am I by this You might ask Let me give you an example I awoke from a nightmare last night In tears and clutching my pillow It must have been one of the worst I have ever experienced Yet to anyone else It would not have been so bad What was it? Put as simply as possible I awoke without finding you by my side
Thank you. I consider you a friend in tye field of writing. I just have words and I want the to use them to show people that their lives do not go unnoticed. Even through the heartache, the confusion, the hardships we face daily, the emotions we carry, all our thoughts. They don't go unnoticed and they affect things around us.
@katrientjielove I expect nothing less coming from you. You honestly do have a gift with words. Thank you for not letting it go unnoticed. And thank you for your kind words c:
remember-do not let another person define who you are. you are special. you are smart. you are important. not because of someon's opinion of you. not because someone claims they love you. we are all part of a greater picture. an adventure. a story yet to be told. without you that story is incomplete. your every breath and every word you utter is recorded in that story. don't ever underestimate your part in it. that does not mean that you are more important than someone else. it means that you have a purpose.