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Astro's Moonbin wants to come back to Los Angeles to catch some Pokemonūüėā After I read this article I was like "I'll gladly show you around the area! I'll be your official tour guide/Pokemon guide! "'Pok√©mon Go' has become so viral, it even showed up on the news. I think I have to go to LA since it doesn't work in our country." "It was so fun when I downloaded it and played it for the first time. My outfit made me look like a Pok√©mon trainer, so I caught a lot and it was really fun. I hope it becomes available in Korea sometime soon." "I like Charmander, and I caught it too."

If you play Pokemon Go, which is your favorite Pokemon? Or which one do you want to catch the most?

Both Moonbin, Chanyeol, Amber and the other idols that play Pokemon Go I kinda feel sorry for. Unless they travel over seas for concerts and stuff, they can't play it in S. Korea
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@MaeLyn Lol I'd gladly take him Pokémon hunting with me!
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I've been trying to catch the Venusaur! But the one time I've saw it it disappeared after I wasted 5 poke balls and 3 Great Balls on him!
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@ChaErica *slowly facepalms*
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I love him so much!! We can play Pokémon go all he wants!
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