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Astro's Moonbin wants to come back to Los Angeles to catch some Pokemon😂 After I read this article I was like "I'll gladly show you around the area! I'll be your official tour guide/Pokemon guide! "'Pokémon Go' has become so viral, it even showed up on the news. I think I have to go to LA since it doesn't work in our country." "It was so fun when I downloaded it and played it for the first time. My outfit made me look like a Pokémon trainer, so I caught a lot and it was really fun. I hope it becomes available in Korea sometime soon." "I like Charmander, and I caught it too."

If you play Pokemon Go, which is your favorite Pokemon? Or which one do you want to catch the most?

@ChaErica *slowly facepalms*
I love him so much!! We can play Pokémon go all he wants!
@MaeLyn Lol I'd gladly take him Pokémon hunting with me!
I've been trying to catch the Venusaur! But the one time I've saw it it disappeared after I wasted 5 poke balls and 3 Great Balls on him!
Both Moonbin, Chanyeol, Amber and the other idols that play Pokemon Go I kinda feel sorry for. Unless they travel over seas for concerts and stuff, they can't play it in S. Korea