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I have seriously been a terrible inspirit as of late.. And well Infinite are here to remind me just how terrible I am..
Like How did I not know they were making more stuff in Japan?! I have seriously neglected my babies... * They are so amazing and esiofjesbfwbJWEG;OUBnDIBFJBGUBSBIVBJRBWIUVBU* Holy hello boys you must be out to kill me...
Then I saw this video!! Seriouly how on earth have I missed so much about infinite and what they are doing!!!
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
Inspirit Fam: @PrincessUnicorn
I posted that too. I love that song!
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@StefaniTre yeah I saw that after I posted it I am so behind 😂😢
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