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Welcome to the first day of the Big Bang Community Party!
If you missed @KwonOfAKind's announcement, please check it out HERE so you can join in on the fun!
Today, we are celebrating all things Taeyang!
As the title of the day goes, it is Solar Sunday! When you think of the word solar, you naturally think of the sun, which is hot.
Let's look at all the ways Taeyang heats things up within Big Bang, shall we?
Starting off warm: For me, his smile is one of the hottest things about him. It just brightens up everything around him.
Getting warmer: Taeyang's vocals are enough to melt the hearts of fans everywhere (and cause a few knees to go weak too!).
The heat is rising rapidly: Everything about Taeyang just oozes sexiness.
Heat wave: Is there anything hotter than Taeyang dancing?
There is?....
INFERNO: Yeah, that's right. Nothing beats him dancing shirtless!
I hope you all enjoyed this and don't forget to tag the squads in your cards throughout this week's event so we can see all your wonderful work!
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I know I'm going to die today with all these cards about my husband πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
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