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This Japanese anime is set in a make-believe future in which humans have been forced to live in isolated underground villages, where they constantly must burrow deeper into the Earth to escape the frequent earthquakes that wreak havoc on their way of life. In this world, two orphans named Simon and Kamina resolve to find a way to dig their way back to the surface, where they hope to make peace with the Beastmen and their robots who terrorize their human prey.
AMAZING ANIME Warning it gets boring in some parts but push through it please though you may end up crying.
This anime is soo underrated! I absolutely loved it. the character development was incredible and I don't know this for sure but i feel like they could of kept this going. I do agree this anime is a little bit "baka" to start but once you get to the climax scene you'll understand why they start off like that. The devolpment from that scene escalates the story and characters drammatically!!!! That scene made this anime soo EPIC!
@dildil15 good chose
I've recently rewatched it
it is my favorite mecha anime
Yes @AdamDean yes u are... Work on that
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