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Ok I'm sooo sorry for not posting sooner. I have been having issues with my computer and have started writing on my phone again so I don't lose any more chapters. I hope you all are enjoying this story...I can't believe I've gotten to 20 chapters... Just joining? Start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 19 Continue reading? Part 21
I was called into the office when we got to bighit. I figured it was the same thing as usual. "(y/n) do you know what Yoongi is doing every day?" "You give me his schedule so I should." "Ok then what about on days off?" "He tells me what he's doing." "Ok so how could this happen?" He threw several pictures on the desk. They were pictures from the pool and the charity event. "I was going to let the pool thing slide because it was a first time but now I can't let this slide." "I..I'm sorry." I said still glancing at the pictures. None of the photos had my face but I'm sure pdnim knew. "How could you let this happen?" He was clearly upset but trying to stay calm. "I'm sorry I...I didn't mean to." "You didn't mean for him to get caught? This can not happen again. We don't need a scandal during this time." "What do you want me to do?" I asked looking at him. "You need to watch him more closely. when he has a day off you go with him. During events like the charity you stay by his side and make sure if he Interacts with any women it's professional." "Wait do you know who the girl is?" I asked because if he knew it was me would he be doing this. "No since there is no clear shot of her face. So we just have to be careful." "Ok. Can i ask the boys to help me?" I can't believe I am still in the clear. "If they are willing to help but it's your main priority not their's " "Ok. " After a few more guidelines I finally left the office and went to the practice room where the boys were. They just finished a song when I walked in. I looked at Yoongi with a serious face. "What's wrong?" He asked coming over to me. "We need to stop this." "Stop what?" He was worried now standing in front of me. Everyone was staring. "In not touch me. Even if we try to meet secretly it will always be found out." I looked down then back at him. "What happened?" "There are pictures of us at the charity. again my face was somehow blocked but pdnim is furious. I'm not supposed to let you be near any girls and if you are I will be there to make sure it's professional." "Wait he doesn't know it's you?" "Nope." I smiled "Oh thank god." He said and hugged me. "But I am going to try to control this affection a different way ok." I said into his ear. "Yours or mine?" He asked "I know how to control my own since I did it before. It's yours I have to control." I smirked "Really?" He was intrigued now.He stopped hugging me to look me in the face and he also had a smirk on. "mhhm" I nodded "Can't wait to see what you have planned." "Ok since everything is alright let's continue practicing." Namjoon said and Yoongi went back to the group while I found a seat on the floor and watched them practice. After practice we went to eat. I was quiet. Yoongi was sitting next to me and had his hand on my leg rubbing. I guess he knew what I was thinking. Once we got back to the dorm and into my room...which we all just said it was our room with how much yoongi stayed with me. We finally talked just the two of us. "You really don't need to worry." Yoongi said "Why aren't you worried. You for once showed tons of affection and now you can't. what if you can't stop yourself one day in public." I asked "If It means losing you I won't do anything in public I'll wait till we get back home to do things like this." He said kissing my lips. He placed one hand on my waist and the other on my face. After one kiss he moved onto my neck and started trailing kisses down. I moved my head so he had better access. His hands moved and went under my shirt. "Yoongi" I said in a breathy voice. He quickly lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he moved us to the bed. He laid me down on the bed and started kissing me again this time getting more intense.
man these are the pictures I have from Twitter from'm dying this guy is trying to take Kookie's spot now that he's taken Jimins...someone stop him!!!!
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TBH I love it when he doesn't wear makeup XD like he looks good with or without but there's something more authentic about it that I find REALLY attractive lol
It's getting good! I wonder who messes up first 😀
You look at Yoongi as if he was someone else's.....that's what I do for some of the boys. Kookie is yours....Namjoon is taken also.....and Jin is Ang's. (okay, so I think of Yoongi more mine than any of the other
I feel like that is easier said than
I really love this it's so amazing keep tagging me ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡