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So, I'm gonna do Yaoi mangas and anime that are either ongoing and I wished would be updated soon and ones that are completed that I wish had more chapters.

Danshi koukouseiteki kazoku keikaku! It's really cute but so new that it only has one chapter out right now. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Sono koi ni wa wake ga Aru

I really liked this one. I thought it was really cute and adorable! I'm sad that it doesn't have more chapters.

Warui koto shitai

So cute! I can't help but love it! I really wish it had more chapters.

Kouryaku Syndrome


Koi ja nai kedo/ Kirai ja nai kedo

Ameiro paradox

*sigh* perfect

Heart no kakurega

It's so funny and I loved it!

Nise x Koi Boyfriend

So cute!

Yarichin bitch club

Plz update ...
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Omg same with all! Especially yarichin bitch club, they need to update like now 😩😭
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I know!! Its bothering me so much!! I really hope they dont abandon it, its so good!!