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As long as it's lit then it don't matter🤘🏾🤘🏾
It means go pray and prepare some holy water to douse yourself in after listening to it lol
I'm OK with this. I'm almost 30...not that he doesn't already speak to this older lady.
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I feel you!! I'm 32, and he def speaks to this Noona!! 😍
The music is supposed to relate more to people his age or older instead of the struggle of being a teenager.
That's what I thought.
As an artist they should strive for a broader audience to maintain longevity in their music careers. But also the more mature the audience the more they can afford your product in an artist case their brand. Let's face it teens have limited income which comes from their parents in the form of maybe allowance money or if they have job. But an adult although we have bills we have more money to work with than the average teen.
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@JaiiPanda That can be problematic in a few different ways depending on how the artist chooses to portray their artist style for their mv's and performances. It can be considered too racy for younger audiences or viewed as no difference when it comes to their performance and mv's for the songs they create. Also the lyrics of each song could possibly have their music come with a censor label as well. There are many factors to this. But one thing never changes is if a teen wants to hear something they shouldn't they'll find a way. In this day and time social media grants them unlimited access to many things they aren't mentally capable of handling because they aren't adults yet and lack the mature to view consequences for the short and long term. The artist should remain free to express themselves and it is the responsibility of the parents to monitor their children's music selection or at least have a discussion with your child about the lyrics of the music they listen too at least until they reach a certain age. A lot can be said on this subject, but if a child has mature mindset they maybe able to handle certain content however does that mean as a parent I should allow my child to be exposed to such things anyway. I would say I can't tell another parent how to parent their own child I can only be concerned with my own. You can just hope that each parent makes the best decision possible for their child including what they allow them to listen, see, and watch anywhere. If he didn't create music targeting the younger generation this time he may later but given his age and what he's been exposed too in his career most teens and the younger aged children aren't even mentally matured to his level. Artist can't maintain a level scope of my music is for everyone all the time as the mature and evolve as a person. Like I said before it can be problematic for the artist to taylor themselves to accommodate everyone or be true to themselves as well as the younger listeners of their music. Hopefully the younger listeners will appreciate the times they had listening to artist if the artist chooses to take their solo career independent of the group in a different direction from what they are accustom to hearing and appreciate the effort that artist put into making heartfelt music.
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