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DAY 57 - Anime that has your heart?

I am skipping day 56 because I've already basically answered that question in Day 3. Who is my favorite male anime character? That person is also my favorite anime character and that's Inuyasha. So, I am skipping ahead to day 57.



Well, of course my favorite anime Inuyasha holds the #1 place in my heart. There is one that holds a deep place in my heart as well and that anime is "Sukitte ii na yo" A.K.A. "Say, I Love You". This anime holds so much meaning behind it and I love it so much. It's in my Top 5 of favorite anime for sure. The story is beautiful, I can relate to the female lead Mei for so many reasons which may be one of the reasons why I love Say, I Love You so much. She is shy which I once was, never been kissed until she was 16. Well, I lose there because I'm 18 and still haven't had my first kiss nor dated. She doesn't have any friends in the beginning of the anime and I used to be a loner and had trouble making friends mostly because I moved a lot so it was hard to make new friends and I wasn't really one to talk to people first since I was really shy.
Say, I Love You has a lighthearted story that shows you that there are people out there that you can trust you just have to be willing to try and look for them. Mei had no friends, didn't trust anyone and the only contacts she had on her phone were "Home and Work". That was all, she had no one else to depend on if she was in trouble. Then when she kicks the most popular boy in school, he falls for her after that kick. Yamato gives her his phone number and told her to call him. She was being followed one day after work, went into a store and didn't have anyone to call since her mom wasn't picking up thus she called Yamato. He came to help her, and in return got a kiss from her to scare away the stalker that was following her.
That kiss is what started it all, Mei began to make friends. Friends she could trust and count on to be there for her not to just use her. She smiled more and became more open.
When Yamato becomes a model while dating Mei, Yamato doesn't tell Mei that he has been having dinner with the girl he is modeling with. This creates stress and anxiety for Mei, she worries about whether he is doing more than just having dinner at the models house everyday.
She can't stand that, Yamato finds out why Mei has been so strange lately and it's because of that matter. Mei is walking home from work, starts crying and breaks the bracelet that Yamato got her. That bracelet was like their relationship, when it broke so did Mei and Yamato's relationship. Yamato was running around trying to find her. He finally finds her on a sidewalk crying, hugs her and she says "I've had enough". She doesn't like who she's become and can't take it anymore. Yamato sees the broken bracelet on the ground and starts to pick up piece by piece. Then Mei kneels down and helps to pick up the pieces and Yamato starts to cry as well while looking at Mei's sad face.
This was the saddest scene and it utterly broke my heart. It was heartbreaking to see Mei so sad and their relationship falling apart. Yamato stops working as a model for Mei since it makes her uncomfortable seeing her boyfriend and another woman acting like a couple in front of a camera. Plus people talking about how the modeling couple make a perfect match. They end up still dating thankfully because Yamato loves Mei too much to let her go for a modeling career.
That scene just showed how strong their relationship really was. Later Mei receives a ring from Yamato, it won't break easily like the bracelet did he said.
All in all, this anime taught me so many lessons and had so many great quotes. It's a beautiful and heart warming anime with unique animation that I adored and the music in particular the ending song was amazing!
It will always hold a deep place in my heart, that warms me up every time I watch it.
I would've loved to have a 2nd season but it still had a good ending anyhow and I loved it! <3
I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what anime has YOUR heart is!
Let Me Know! ^.^~
Ouran High School Host Club will always be number one in my heart
there r many ohshc assassination classroom twgok a certain magical/scientific index/railgun
I haven't seen this yet but it's on my to watch list. Right mine would have to go to either Kiznaiver or Orange.
Fruits basket because it gave me life lessons <:
@assasingod I read the manga for Orange and watched the 1st episode of the anime. I plan to marathon the rest of the anime when it's completed. but I loved the manga!