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I'm super sorry that I haven't posted on this story...I had bad writers block on here.. the grandma in the story is based on someone I know and when they found out they had cancer I was scared to write anymore because I had written out a chapter where the grandma had gotten cancer and I had to delete the chapter it was getting to real for me. Any ways on with the story!!! Enjoy!!! Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 7 Continue reading? Part 9
It was the day of Arlene's birthday party. I was actually really nervous. I was going to be meeting Juniors sisters and other family members. I made sure I looked nice. I forced Jenni to go with me because I needed her. I wasn't dating Junior and if anyone in his family didn't like me my chances of being with him went down. We were in the car outside where the party was. "Alright let's go." Jenni said. She was more willing when I mentioned Mark would be there. "Do I look Ok?" "You look fine. (y/n) don't be so nervous he likes you and his grandma likes you so his sisters will like you." Jenni said getting out of the car and I followed. I took a few deep breaths and knocked on the door. A girl opened the door. "Hi, we are here for the birthday party." I said with a smile. "Oh come on in. My grandma hasn't gotten here yet." the girl said. "Is Junior here?" "Yea he's over there." She pointed and I followed where she was pointing. He was holding a balloon and smiling. He glanced my direction and headed my way. "(Y/N)" He said in a high voice causing me to bust up laughing. "Junior you are supposed to be blowing the balloons up not playing with the helium" "But I couldn't resist." He said still in the high voice. "Sure you couldn't. Who is this?" She asked "Oh this is (y/n) and Jenni." "Hi nice to meet you?" I drew out the last word and finally she answered. "Rebecca. How do you know Junior?" She asked "I actually met him through Arlene because I deliver to her." "Are you two dating?" "BECCA!" Junior said causing his sister to laugh "Well I guess I'll finish up getting the party ready. Bye." She said and walked away. "Is Mark here?" Jenni asked "Yea he's in the back." and Jenni ran off leaving me with Junior. "I hope your family likes me." I said taking the balloon from his hand. "They will, I mean My grandma and I like you so why wouldn't they?" He smiled I took some air from the balloon. "I'm so nervous about it though." I started laughing at how funny my voice sounded. "Why?" He asked trying to hold in his laughter. I took some more helium. "What if they say they don't want me with you." I blurted out. He sighed. He took a step coser to me. "They won't have that much control on who I want to be with." He put a hand on my cheek and smiled. "I...I didn't mean for that to come out." I said trying to look down. "I'm glad it did." He said and made sure I couldn't look down and then pressed his lips to mine. He pulled away. "I like you and that's all that you should worry about." "So it's a mutual thing then?" I smiled "Yes. I was going to wait till after the party but will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled "I'd love to be your girlfriend." We kissed again and then went to finish getting the balloons ready. After several minutes they had the balloons done and then Arlene showed up. She was happy. When she saw Junior put his arm around me she came over to us. "(y/n) thanks for coming." She smiled at me. "Yea I couldn't miss this. Thank Junior for having me come." I smiled at her putting my hand on his shoulder. "Are you two dating?" She asked We both smiled and laughed. "Yes grandma. I finally got the courage to ask her." "Good for you Junior. I'll leave you two alone now, I'm going to talk with the others." She said and waved as she walked away. "So when did you want to ask me out?" I asked turning towards him. "Um after the 2nd time we met. When you were upset over her getting hurt." "Really...I think that's when I started liking you too." The rest of the party we stayed by each other and goofed off. Mark and Jenni were also having a good time and we all decided at the end of the party that we'd go out to do something fun. We decided on bowling. Which Jenni and I were having issues and just wanted bumpers but Mark and Junior wouldn't let us. They destroyed us.
Ahh....Junior, such a doll. (Ok, this is the first time I wanna hit the edit button and fix the typos and grammar. Sorry).
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Could you check and make sure I am tagged for future chapters, please?
Can you please check to see if I am tagged for future chapters? @JaxomB