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A late afternoon in Seoul, Jin and Namjoon had just got back from going on a walk to talk about what had just happened and they're ready to tell their fellow members. Jin looked at Namjoon and laughed a bit, "Will they be shocked?" Namjoon laughed as he looked at Jin and hugged him, "don't worry yourself too much, I hate seeing you stressed." At home the other members were talking about the whole situation. Yoongi looked at Hoseok almost with a look saying, "Dude we already knew this was gonna happen." Hoseok laughed and smiled as he looked up at nothing, "if they're happy we're happy." The golden baby maknae rushed over in his typical choice of clothing a white shirt, jeans, and his timberlands. Yoongi looked at Jungkook and laughed as he said, "all our fans point out you wear the same outfit choice." Jungkook danced around, "Well it's my style no one can steal my style if they can't wear my style everyday!" Jimin walked over as he took off his shirt to change. Jungkook was amazed by his muscles, "wow show off." Taehyung was practicing his acting again and acted as if he was emotional all the members believed him. Taehyung laughed cutely and told them, "you were all concerned that means I'm very good actor!" Yoongi laughed and just then the entrance door opened. Jin and Namjoon were back, but they were holding hands. Jungkook was smiling all cute like along with Taehyung as they acted like dorks. Jimin stared in shock, he seemed to be the only one in shock at this moment. Hoseok yelled in a happy voice, "We are all very happy for you!" Yoongi smiled and hugged both Namjoon and Jin. In the late evening they were all getting ready to sleep, Jimin and Jungkook had gone to sleep quite early. Taehyung was singing as he went off to his room. Yoongi had just knocked out as his body hit the surface of his bed. Hoseok told all the members before heading off to bed, "goodnight!" The only two who weren't sleeping was the two love birds. Namjoon was sitting down thinking of these past few days. Namjoon got startled as he heard his name being called. Jin walked over and sat next to him, "you can't sleep?" Namjoon smiled as he never heard of Jin having trouble to sleep after eating. "You worked hard Jin," Namjoon had said while looking at Jin. Jin hesitated and said, "you worked hard too, all the members did not just me." Namjoon sighed and looked at Jin as he hugged him, "I don't like seeing you stressed Jin." Jin blushed slightly as he felt almost numb to the touch of Namjoon holding him close. "Now lets go to bed or else we'll be tired in the morning," Namjoon told Jin as they both got up and went to sleep. A rainy day in Seoul, the members had just woken up from their sleep. Yoongi was already hungry. Jungkook didn't mind eating, but he wanted meat. Taehyung and Jimin were play fighting like small children again. Hoseok had a big smile on his face as he heard the rain drops hitting against the ground outside. Yoongi felt relaxed as he heard the rain. Namjoon and Jin had secretly cuddled in bed together. Jin woke up and kissed Namjoon's forehead. It seemed like Jin was feeling brave. Namjoon woke up and saw Jin smiling at him. Namjoon laughed and said, "wow I thought a girl's smile was cute, but yours tops that Jin." Jin hit Namjoon with a pillow and they both walked out of the room to the living room where all the members were relaxed, except Taehyung and Jimin who were still play fighting. All the members began to cook together, Jungkook was excited as he saw the meat. "Ya! We're eating meat," Jungkook said as he danced around. As they finished cooking, Namjoon and Jin brought the food to the table. They all sat down to eat a relaxing meal with the best background music, the rain. After their breakfast they all went outside to play in the rain.

Hope you all enjoyed Part 2! Part 3 coming out soon!

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So cute! They are goals 💖💖
I'm so happy you liked it ^•^ yes they are!