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Hello! So I was lucky enough to be welcomed as part of the new team for the K-pop Group of the Week collection cards along with @JiyongLeo and some other amazing Vinglers. In this card, I'll give a little information about me as well as what sort of cards you're going to see from me that I'll be contributing to the GOTW cards every week.
If you couldn't tell from the intro pics, I am multi-fandom (crazy big numbers here). But we'll get into that in a minute. I go by many a name, having been given a plethora of nicknames by friends and family over the years. I still answer to most of those and generally will take to new ones quickly as well. Current ones are: Bri, B, wolf girl, wolfie, pup, orange gummy, blt, and brinut butter and jelly. Feel free to call me any of these. I used to get a little upset when people I didn't know we'll called me by a nickname, but now I really could care less. So long as its not rude, I'm fine with whatever ^^ I have been a long time animal lover. Since I was three years old I have been watching stuff like animal planet and nat geo wild; vet shows, animals hunting, animals giving birth, dying from disease, etc. To me it's always been natural and something that's amazing and fascinating. If you ever have an animal question, come to me. I got you (; But really though, I have helped friends, family, schoolmates, and coworkers with if they should get a pet, how they should, what to do with an over active pet, what's wrong with their pet (is it normal or should it maybe warrant a trip to the vet), and so on. I'm not saying I know everything, but I've studied them a long time, so I pull on that knowledge and will do extensive research if need be to help you in any way I can~ Other interests of mine throughout the years have been writing, reading, sketching, and tutoring. I love to help others and create for others, even when I have blocks of my own (like I have been lately). I primarily write for role plays on sites like AS but I have begun stories. Most of mine have some sort of fantastical or mythological element to them. Anything based completely in reality gets a little full for me. And harder for me to write my normal length ^^' I read all sorts of books, but prefer supernatural/fantasy novels or mystery/suspense. I've been reading mostly for fun since middle school after a sad book on animal shelters that got me super into the world of books. Now when I get on a book kick, I'll read two to four books at a time, hoping between books every chapter or so. For sketching/art I primarily draw animals (no surprise haha), but since I've been trying to improve and expand my horizons I have sketched out some humans here and there. I prefer digital art, for the ease of sharing it, but I like my traditional art in look/appearances, so I'm thinking about investing in a tablet instead of just a wacom, so you may see some test art from me later on when I do switch devices ^^
On to that which I listen to. Mind you, these are in no particular order. I have no top favorites, because of how indecisive I am, I can barely choose biases usually let alone favorites. So these are just listed as I think of them ^^ Groups/soloists I love~ Mamamoo Topp Dogg Monsta X BoA BTS GOT7 BAP Jay Park Loco Gray Baechigi AoA Lee Hi EXID SHINee 4Minute f(x) Red Velvet ZTao Seventeen AKMU Aziatix Crush Alphabat Hyuna VIXX BigBang Sistar ikon Hello Venus 2ne1 Groups/soloists I like some songs for~ Exo Beast 2Yoon Dok2 Rain Rainbow Trouble Maker Super Junior Shinhwa Gaeko Girls Generation Infinite Crayon pop BTOB Block B Tara Kara Xia JYJ TVXQ CNBLUE Hang Hyungseung I'm certain beyond belief I've missed some >.<; But this is just to show you I have a wide range of interests in K-pop. Feel free to ask if I'm interested in a group or ask what songs/members I like from the ones above, and I'll be more than happy to share and talk with y'all ^ω^
What you can look forward to from me~ I am in charge of a few different things with Group of the Week. With each group I will showcase: *music videos >>>I will be sharing responsibilities with @MelissaGarza on sharing with you music videos groups have made over the course of their careers * live performances >>>these will be live performances through shows like countdowns, but also may be through fancams, just so you can see as many different songs and performances as possible. * dance practices >>>this will be their dance practices, dance covers, anything with the idols dancing - whether they be for performance, for fun, etc * poems/other writings >>>writing poems just to acknowledge the hard work of the idols, have fun with some creativity, encourage other writings from users, etc. * comparisons >>>using personalities and sometimes in-depth zodiac analysis to compare idols to various things - Pokemon, animals, etc