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So I don't really know much about them just recently was told to get into them by a few really good friends. Still slowly trying to learn more about them I only know a few but my bias is Hansol he is adorable!! Anyway I happened to come across this video * Which is great* ** It's why Hansol became my bias** *** His smile is life***
So i will learn more about them they look adorable yes i know this isn't all of them I know that much..
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
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I can't choose anymore. it started with Hansol for me, but just ended up slowly becoming more members as I learned more about them haha
You should look up "Kpop Stars pronounce western names" that is what got me into topp dogg they are so funny and cute in it!
Funny video 😃😄😂😄
lol your welcome xD it was a smart idea to send them pic
I love these boys! You should watch their webshow they have going on right now!