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I was going to leave this alone once I remembered but I'm not letting it go so I'll just share my opinion on this.
Naruto Shippuden I can't stand what Naruto turned into with Shippuden. Naruto was awesome no matter what situation Naruto was in he worked hard and rose up from all the hate to become a fully fledged ninja that could surprise you on a dime. Shippuden turned Naruto into a by the numbers MC complete with his own MC handbook, Chapter 1 Be a bad ass, Chapter 8 Try to turn your enemy into your friend, Chapter 1027 If you fail at any of he previous chapters please wait 6-7 business days for your plot armor in the mail. Also Naruto stopped focusing on the NINJA aspect of it's ya know whole damn show and started focusing more on over powered broken abilities. Ex. Final Fight Naruto vs Sasuke from Naruto- both had to conserve chakra manage ninja tools and still had bad ass jutsu to compliment the anime's style vs Naruto vs Sasuke Shippuden- Naruto: "My armors bigger" Sasuke: "No MINE IS" both proceed to explode universe. I liked the Naruto pining for Sasuke, I digged the Akatsuki being misled the entire time, I loved the character progression for Sasuke and Naruto but a lot got left on the cutting board as a result. No longer about strategic moves, completely destroys it's Ninja concept, Every other character except from a group of Nine was left out of the rest of the series like seriously the fuck bro I wanna see more InoShikaCho and Team Guy but I'd have to watch fillers for that I guess :/ oh and what's up with that? Naruto out to beat Luffy at being the King of something I guess cuz Naruto Shippuden is KING OF THE FILLERS yet die hard fans seem to brush this aside yet Bleach gets a Lynch Mob? how backwards is that? and while Naruto had an entire filler season they did it after the anime was already done with the main material. I do love Naruto still own all the Storms and Ultimate Ninja's even bought a couple of Path to the Ninja's but when I see some awesome characters get the bench or an entire aspect pushed aside for flashy over the top bull probably to compete with its rivals in he big 3 I can't help but feel Shippuden could have been more. Hopefully Boruto can get the same Naruto filler treatment though cuz that artist he's...they... whoever they're bad like really bad and I need Masashi Kishimoto at the helm again :3
All done :3 gonna go do my Love one now, you take care and stay classy :3
You're so brave posting this :P lol but sfor real, I haven't watched much Naruto & I have to agree with a lot of waht you said!!! It's definitely not for everyone, even if it can be enjoyable sometimes.
Omg the gif at the beginning though xD but yeah I kinda gotta agree with you.