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Ch 1/?

Shielding her from the rain Leo began looking for shelter. He didn't like the area but the child couldn't stay out in the rain. Finding an abandon building he went in. He kept her close and leaned against the cold concrete wall. He tried to stay awake, to make sure they hadn't been followed. His eyes quickly became heavy with exhaustion. Fighting the exhaustion proved harder than he expected. Before he knew it his eyelids began to droop closed. He was woken when thunder shook the building and the child began to cry. She really hated thunder storms. He wrapped his arms around her and gently sang. She quieted down and clung to his shirt. His voice always seemed to soothe her.
Morning came all too soon. The clouds had cleared somewhat much to the relief of the boy. The worst was over.
He noticed the child was still asleep. This girl loved her sleep too much sometimes. He stood somewhat clumsily. He hadn't eaten in a while and what he did steal he gave most of to the baby. He also didn't want to let go of the child. He could feel a fever spiking. He could fight it though. He always did.
Peeking out he noticed no one was around. He began walking, making sure to look over his shoulder. No one seemed to be following them but he couldn't take any chances. He felt the child begin to stir and smiled down at her. She rubbed her eyes and squinted at the bright light. He chuckled and kissed the top of her head. She snuggled into him as she watched everything around them.
He didn't stop walking until around noon. At least that’s what he thought with the location of the sun. He didn’t have a watch on so he had no idea how to tell. He only stopped because he had to take the child to the bathroom. She was just learning how to use the toilet. After that he sat down exhausted. The child climbed up on the bench and kissed his cheek. He smiled and placed a hand atop her head. Poor thing hadn't a bath in over a week. He was at his wits end on what to do. His fever was spiking and they hadn't eaten in three days. They stayed at the park so she could play. It was getting dark sooner rather than later now. Which meant winter was on it's way. There was already a nip in the air. The child shivered as she clung to him. He felt bad that he was no longer, the thing that could keep her warm. After a minute she seemed to decide it was time to play again. She got up and ran off towards the swings.
He watched from his spot and smiled. He hadn't realized he had fallen asleep until a loud piercing scream reached his ears. Instantly he was awake and running to the child. He reached her in record time scooping her up in his arms. She quieted down and pointed to her elbow. There was a trickle of blood where she had fallen.
"Oh do you need a bandaid?" A dark skinned boy asked holding one out to him. He nodded and took the band aid from the boy. Very carefully he placed the bandaid over the girls wound and kissed it.
"Thank you." She told the dark skinned boy quietly. It was so quiet he almost didn't here it. He smiled kindly and the little girl blushed and hid her face in the older boy.
"Im Hakyeon by the way.” He smiled at the two. The little girl smiled shyly up at him and hid her head in the quiet boys chest. 

“Aww!” He cooed. The quiet boy just watched his actions ready to move the girl away in a second if he needed to. Before anything could happen two little boys came running and gripped onto the boy known as Hakyeon.

“Eonma who’s this?” They asked not bothering to say hello. Hakyeon scolded them to be more polite and greet properly. 
"And stop calling me Eonma! I told you it's Hyung!"
“Ne hyung!.” They sang before giggling.
“Can she come play?” One with a dimpled smile asked.
“Were playing dragons but we need a princess!” 

“What did I just tell you? Introduce yourselves!” Hakyeon scolded.

“I’m Wonsik.” A boy with a round face spoke while bowing politely. 

“I’m Hongbin!” The other smiled and bowed. His features where a bit sharper than his brothers.

“What’s her name eonma?” Wonsik asked pointing up to the girl.

“Why don’t you ask her?” He suggested.

“What’s your name?” The one named Hongbin asked.
She froze feeling everyones gaze on her. 

“Yuki.” She spoke quietly. 

“Come play with us!” Wonsik said as he jumped up and down. He was growing restless. Yuki looked up at her appa. He gave her a short nod and she smiled. After giving him a wet kiss on his cheek he set her down. The boys took a hand on either side other her and ran off.

“I never got your name.” Hakyeon smiled at the scene of his younger siblings playing with Yuki. She was shy but was definitely holding her own with the boys. At one point she was even bossing them around. 

“Leo.” He replied quietly. He kept his face expressionless but it brought joy to his heart to see his little sister playing with the two boys. Even if she wasn’t related by blood she was the most precious person in his life. Leo had been placed in charge of the kids while the moms worked. However his mom and the Yuki's mom had grown close. They became fast friends through work and tried to look out for one another. Sadly that’s what cost them. Leo knew it wouldn’t be long before something happened to him and the girl so he grabbed her and ran.

Some other kids had joined in causing Yuki to become shy once more but one of the boys, Hongbin he believed grabbed her hand and kept her close. 

“Leo? Like the animal?” Hakyeon spoke with a slight laugh. Leo gave him no response. He spared him a glance as he watched Yuki play with the boys. He hadn’t seen her smile and laugh like this ever. She was usually so quiet and stuck to him like glue. Now she was so carefree and her smile reached her eyes. As they played either Hong bin or Wonsik was by her side. It gave him comfort knowing those two little ones where watching out for her. 

“Seeing as the kids are having so much fun,” Hakyeon spoke after thinking for a moment. “Why don’t you come have dinner with us?” Before Leo could respond Hakyeon continued. “I know your sick. You can’t take care of Yuki if your sick.”
Leo let out a small sigh. Hakeon was right but he didn’t want to rely on a stranger. Still, he had to keep Yuki safe and she hated eaten in days.
“You can stay until your well again.” Hakyeon spoke interrupting his thoughts. "Yuki and you will have a roof over your head and something to eat. Once your better, if you want to leave you can.” Hakyeon looked over at the kids playing and smiled.
“The boys seem quite taken with her. I’ve never seen them warm up this fast to a little girl around their age. Think about it. I’m heading home in about ten minutes to get the boys dinner and ready for bed.” Hakyeon called a warning to the kids that it would be time to go soon. He then became quiet watching the kids play. He sat beside Leo and watched contently as the children ran about. When the time was up he stood and called the two boys. They whined and begged for more time but Hakyeon was firm. Dropping their heads and dragging their feet they made there way over with Yuki. She hadn’t left their side and was holding Wonsiks hand. 

“Would you boys like it if Yuki came over for dinner?” Hakyeon asked before Leo had a chance to give him a definite answer. Leo glared at the other boy. Hakyeon was a little scared but tried not to let it show as he smiled and avoided Leo's gaze. Leo wasn't entirely happy or upset about the situation. He was at a loss for what to do. In one hand he would have food for Yuki. She wouldn't be hungry and out of the cold for a while. Yuki would have a full stomach and so would he.

“YEAH!” Both boys shouted. Yuki smiled and walked over to Leo. He debated it some more before giving in with a sigh. Yuki looked up at Leo smiling the question in her eyes. It was nearly impossible to say no to her. He gave a slight nod and stood. For a moment he was dizzy but it passed.
"Come on Yuki!” Hong bin said grabbing her hand. “We’ll show you all our toys!”

“We can keep playing together!” Wonsik cheered. He grabbed her other hand and they began walking home. It wasn’t far. The older two watched from behind as the boys talked none stop to Yuki who giggled and swung their hands back and forth. Leo stumbled a few times but asked for no help. Hakyeon didn't offer any help but kept a close eye on the quiet man.
When they reached the street the boys stopped Yuki scolding her to be careful. Yuki nodded and the three waited for the two elders. 
“Alright it’s safe.” Hakyeon told them before they crossed. “Good job not crossing boys! And you looked out for Yuki! I’m very proud of you for that!” He praised. The boys beamed with pride and showed Yuki the way to their house. Once they arrived at the house Yuki was in awe. Leo stared slightly surprised. It wasn’t what he was expecting. Then again he wasn’t really sure what to expect. The house sat by itself in a yard that looked in need of some work. The paint was chipping and the stairs creaked as they walked. However the small home seemed sturdy as the boys bounded up and down the steps encouraging Yuki to go faster. Hong bin helped Yuki remove her shoes and coat before pulling her to his and Wonshik's room.
As Leo removed his shoes a heft a another way of dizziness wash over him. Hakyeon said nothing if he saw. He led Leo to the living room. Leo sat there stiffly. A simple black leather couch and a small but decent size TV with random scattered toys around. Leo wasn't sure what to do. Sitting on something comfortable felt nice.
This was all knew and as nice as Hakyeon seemed, that didn’t mean he wasn’t a bad person. He had to protect Yuki no matter the cost. She was like a daughter to him. He hated the house his mother lived in. He wasn’t mad at her for her choice. She didn’t like it anymore than he did. She tried to hide 
money away for him. Always trying to give him a better life than what he was growing up in.

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