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Chapter 18 ************** ~Lei P.O.V~ If I had know that Ravi's beast was this difficult, I would have forgotten Lady Sora words and continue living with my siblings. My brothers, I wondered how they were. How was father? Did he make it. I didn't see him when I left with Ravi. I woke up on the cold hard floor again, like I have been since I started living with them. They didn't have a room prepared for me so Ravi decided to let me sleep in his room with him. I sat up and looked around the room. It was a mess. Ravi threw his stuff around when I touched his shoulder. He flipped out and I could see his red eyes turn pitch black as his aura changed. I was sure that when I'm around him, my spiritual energy made him go crazy. " The energy source is a blance of spiritual and you will set his beast free." "May the spirits lead you, my child." "Spirits my ass." I muttered to myself. I hit my arm on the table next to me. I gasped and held my arm. When I looked to see if it was okay, I saw a black and blue bruise on my arm. How did this get here? Did Ravi do this? Was it his beast? He doesn't seem like he would be the abusive type. I asked myself as I thought back to what happened at night. Which was nothing because there was the  ritual, Nisha baby and I clearly remember Ravi and I walking in this room to go to sleep. "So your awake?" He asked making me jump. I looked to see him in pants with his hair dripping wet from a shower. "I...uh... yes." I stuttered trying to find my words. His sculpture body was perfect to my eyes as they trailed down his abs. He walked close to me and I gulped as I looked away. He took my arm and looked at it. "Does it hurt?" I shook my head as I was holding my breathe. I looked into his red eyes as they showed emotions in them. "I'm" He was about to say but got up and slammed the bathroom door. I jumped at the sound. Sitting there in silence. I covered my face in my arms and knees. The tears were coming as I felt the emptiness of pain. What was he going to say. Was he trying to say he was sorry. Was he trying to confort me but only ran to hide himself as his beast was controling him. The bathroom door opened again and he stepped out fully clothed and groomed. He walked around the room to the closet and drawers as he threw the clothes at me. He really didn't say anything to me as he walked out the room. I took this moment to take a shower and get dressed myself. Putting on the leather skinny jeans and a v neck shirt. I let my hair air dry as I went down stairs to the dinning room. Areum was getting food ready and everyone else was at the table. I quietly sat down next to Ravi and Ken. Nobody said anything but the youngest brother stared at me with a smirk. "What's your name?" He asked. "Her name is Lei, she twenty two years old and is a hunter. Let's not ask questions Hyuk." Ravi's husky voice said with a hint on annoyance. Hongbin smaked the kid head. He whinned and pouted as he rubbed his head. Watching them, I couldn't help but miss my brother messing around with me. Even if I wanted to kill each and one of them. "Here everyone eat up!" Areum said as she sat next to Leo. Ravi took his plate and filled it with food. He then turned to my empty plate and switched it with his. My stomach fluttered at his action. When he isn't his beast or play boy self. He can be charming and sweet. When looking back at the plate. I took a bite and looked up to see Nisha and Areum smiling at me like they knew what was going to happen. "I got it!!" Hyuk said getting from his chair and rushing out of the room. There was a door bell ringing. It was silent that you could hear who he was talking to. A few minutes after, he came in with a black envelope and held it in front of me. I finished the food in my mouth and set my silverware down on the plate. "What's this?" I asked wiping my mouth and taking the letter from him. "For you obviously" he smirked. I opened it to see fancy cursive written on it. It was from the council. They wanted to meet me. "Finish eating. I'll take you there" Ravi said. I gave him a small reply. It wasn't long until we finished our food. Ravi told me to stay in the chair as he ran upstairs and came back with a jacket and shoes in his hands. He kindly slipped on my shoes for me and helped me into the jacket before hoping into his car and driving to the castle. A van was parked outside the entrance. The same van my family used. I ignored the yells of Ravi as he trailed behind me. I opened the door to see all of them there. The seven member council. My seven brother's standing in front of them. "Ahh I see Miss Lei has made it on time, and brought Prince Ravi as well." JaeSun said and continued. "As you may know I have called you here is because you didn't get to use you full potential skills in fighting so the council and I would like to hire you as our undercover hunter's. Like police but we give you the document of who have broken the law and needs to be kill as the judgement we the council decides on. You may turn the offer down but please consider it as for the humans society." I could see Cory thinking about it. He turned to look at me. I saw the bags under his eyes. Hasn't he been getting any sleep. Looking at the rest of them they all look like they haven't been getting any sleep at all. I turned my attention back to Cory as he waited for me. Did he want it to be my call? Was he trying to get me back to them? Did I really want to be with them? Small parts of me wanted to be with them again but a larger part of me wanted to stay with the Vixx clan. I nod to my oldest brother and he nod back before turning to JaeSun. "We'll take the offer" he said with a monotone. My other brothers seemed shocked to hear as I was. "Very well then. Prince Ravi do you have any objections to this?" He asked Ravi. We all turned to him. He was sitting at a table with his propped up on the table and a glass cup in his hand. "No, I don't" he said. He smirked and winked at me as I could feel my heart beating faster and my stomach fluttering again. "Then it is settled. Since Miss Lei is living with the Prince's, I'll send her documents to her. Everyone will either be as a group or do individual. The choices is all to you." A vampire in a red cloak came out on the floor and handing us manila folders. When he got close to me, I could feel Ravi's eyes on me like a hawk. Gulping and say a quick thank you, the guy nod and left. "You may go. I requested that you get back to me when the job is done. In the folder there is a phone. Use it to contact me or the other council members." We nod and left the room. I tried to rush back out but Ravi was behind my step and I could hear voices calling my name. I turned on my heels fast and looked at my brothers. "Lei can we meet up and talk?" Cory asked as he rubbed his neck. I glanced at Ravi as he gave me a shrug. I nod "Tomorrow at our usual cafe" "Okay tomorrow" he said with a nod and walked out the door to the van. I watched them get in and drove off. I exhaled the breathe I was holding, which in my case I didn't know I was. I kneeled down and curled my fingers in my hair. Why was this so difficult. To be around them and to be around Ravi. Why do I feel like I'm emotionally exhausted? "Am I stressing you out Kitten?"
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