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Now that the hate is outta the way let's show some lovin to the anime that I personally love (among the many like ^)

Divine Gate

Starting this list off with one I don't hear much about maybe it has to do with it's short run time but this anime blew me away. I loved how they got right into the plot action and premise of the show INSTANTLY now the reasoning behind the madness comes later and it drags on with a couple of episodes but the crisp color and detailed characters along side a school system about as cool as DWMA I thought this one in particular shined to me. Each of the MC's plays a part and has some backstory that makes you want o invest your time into them and the girl doesn't suffer from "stand here to be pretty" or "just fucking GARBAGE" disease like other MC standing females *cough* pink hair *cough* Plus there's a hot teacher regardless of element choice so there's a bonus for that

Log Horizon

This anime is freaking awesome like SAO was for 5-6 episodes but 2-24 episode seasons worth. The characters are trapped in a video game and it immediately plays on that. One of the characters talks about how the controls are difficult to use as they were because it was keyboard and mouse (PC master race!) but then it became VR so pretty big shift. On top of this there's talk about a loot system, raids and parties. As well as a problem with the NPC'S none as People of the Land and the Players. Some NPC'S hate Players because of the infinite life they have as they can respawn over and over however People of the Land die forever. It was cool to see more of a video game take on the trapped in a video game thing rather than it sprinkled in. Dynamic characters, fluid animation, and a constant question of "hey is that guy a bad guy?" always made me glued to the screen for more. Oh my god and that intro I implore you to take a listen for yourself if you haven't already it's ear candy and instantly gets me hyped for the episode or whatever I'm doing :D

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal 2nd

While I am still supposed to do a AOC about this anime I still wanna talk about it. After duel monsters Yugioh fans just seem to not care about the rest as they weren't dark or gritty or lacking good character development well if you watch Zexal your rewarded with some pretty cool elements. Zexal Second picks up where Zexal left off but improves on everything, adding stakes to a duel with the Barian Force and my favorite character is Rei Shingetsu introduced very early on I expected little from him maye he was just dumb or maybe he was evil as others guessed or even maybe he actually cared for Yuma and was a softie at heart well a bit of everything actually. Shingetsu showed me what this show had which was balance, yes a dark atmosphere makes for great anime and your favs in turmoil is satisfactory beyond belief however there needs to be some light hearted moments to or those real tear jerker scenes one that got me was when Yuma fell apart screaming and just angry at everything it showed me the writers cared for their work and they definitely wanted it taken seriously...just please by all manor of heaven watch it in subbed, dubbed butchers this anime more than 4Kids to One Piece.

K or K Project

Another one I absolutely fell in love with first episode thank the stars for my brother or I would have never found it, we originally saw it in an amv titled Animegraphy 2012 but my brother like the hound he is found it. K has at least to me an original concept with color kings and them having various powers under that certain color, one character even has multiple colors. This along with beautiful animation, interesting characters, and a balance between action and Comedy it really made for a great watch.

Kill La Kill

Watched this beaut on Netflix and was not disappointed. Mako Mankanshoku really pulled this anime together, all the while I felt like I shouldn't be taking this anime seriously but it does have a pretty dramatic environment even the premise of the show is dark being that the MC Ryūko Matoi is looking for information on her father's murderer so it's not all jokes and 1 liners yet the show has a nice contrast with the Comedy seemingly having it take the for front while the darker tone is more the underlining the purpose as to why things are the way they are :) I was surprised by this one and honestly want to give it another watch.... seriously Mako though she is so hilarious I could honestly watch it again just for her XD

God Eater

Just like the video games the anime God Eater does a fantastic job of showing this devastated world filled with Aragami. More so here though because of the full traveling around the city and meeting characters families. I was all giddy seeing Kota's family, but seeing families affected by the aragami those who have lost or are struggling really made it even more apparent that the characters had to pull through with a win. And the birth of an Aragami *ugh* explained so much farming in them games but it also showed why most have given up feeling as though they can never win and that the only way to survive is with a sanctuary. I loved the characters here because they give me more of what I love from the games cept snobby Alisa coulda done without that stuck up bitch especially since I know her backstory, least they went back true to form halfway through it's run cycle.

Dagashi Kashi

Really an out of left fielder for me, I ran into at the same time as two other anime Assassination Classroom and Divine Gate but this was just something else. It takes a simple character like Kokonotsu and places him in various situations all varied by Hotaru a girl who is trying to merge her companies business with Kokonotsu's father's but Kokonotsu doesn't want it so ensue the hilarity. Honestly the situations in which they find themselves or the stories Hotaru tells really flesh this anime out. See the past between Kokonotsu and Saya (his childhood friend) also made for some cute scenes :) Hotaru like Mako for Kill La Kill really brings this anime together and at times I feel like it's more about her and less about Kokonotsu which isn't a negative at all I just found it interesting. Oh and lots of fan service here so that's also something to enjoy :3
Well I'm all done for now there are others I love but they've had there day, Hope to see your cards on the subject at hand, and for all you students good luck going back to school we all have that one pop quiz teacher >w< Thanks for reading and you stay classy :3
Haven't seen the yugiho one but have seen the rest and they are all great! Log horizon tied with steins gate for my favorite of all time! Hotaru and Saya are 100% Waifu material!! Love them!
Nice!!! Thank you for doing the challenge hehehehe....you're awesome!