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More Justin Bieber Drama. NOT SURPRISED!

Okay I'm leaving the KPOP scene for just a minute so you guys can see what is happening to this douche bag right now (excuse my language young people). On Twitter there is a #selenaendedjustinparty trending..... I clicked on the hashtag to see what this was about and here it is.....
So he has recently said to his fans that he was gonna make his Instagram private because his "girlfriend" is receiving hate comments from his fans. Then his ex girlfriend SELENA GOMEZ, makes these comments and omg she SLAYED HIM! After the whole thing with fans leaving his concert to see EXO, this happens. I've been laughing so hard lately throughout this whole thing and tbh, I STILL DON'T FEEL BAD!!!!! And the tweets from other people are hilarious! Check it out on Twitter for yourselves. And the tea just continues to spill..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I was laughing and collecting memes and it still makes me laugh 😂
She really rekt him that why also I do not feel bad for him 😂
I wrote a comment on his post bashing him and I even said that because I'm no longer a fan I'm taking all of his CDs I bought with my own money and throwing them in the trash!
I've seen tweets like buy blue neighborhood on iTunes or you can come join our fandom