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Hello all! It feels like it's been so long since I put up any restaurant/dessert place views : ((( But! I found this AMAZING place in Garosu-gil (Sinsa Station, Exit 8) where they sell milk ice cream with REAL honey comb. To be honest i never tasted honey comb before, and I was neer even close to them. Well, to give you the real taste of this, I was very IMPRESSED with the first 4 bites, the honey and the milk ice cream with the little twist of the honey comb to play up with the textures a little bit. After those 4 bites...its SO sweet...at one point I had to buy water because it was so sweet. I don't think that this is a dessert made for one, because I would have totally shared this with my friend (who was also struggling with the extreme sweetness) Price wise, it is also pretty expensive. Given the fact that its just ice cream and and honey, it was around 5-6 dollars (KRW 5,300). Besides all the sweetness and the over priced factor, I think that it is definitely worth to try. The location is: Garosu-gil (Sinsa Station, Exit 8, Line 3) follow "Alaska" and you will find it on the left corner.
Gosh, you lucky!! I wish that their was a restaurant like that around here! Ice cream looks so good!! :)
I had this for the first time yesterday! so glorious :DDD I think it is getting popular because I saw another location at Hongdae & at Hyundai Department store! @miranpark88 do you recommend any other trendy desserts??
i wanna have it;)
@miranpark88 thanks I will!
@miranpark88 looks delish ... so jealous right now ... wish i were in korea to try this out :'(
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